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welcome to a place where together we



Visit our library for a sneak peak at a practicing astrologists handbook!

Here you'll find notes on

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One of the many things modern psychotherapy does effectively is ignore the existence of the Soul.


Well + Rising does not. 

Here you can find an ever-growing library of spiritual material on the topics you care about like: Astrology, tarot, oracle cards, human design, numerology, crystals and energy, dream interpretations, spirit and angel guidance, and so much more.


Our bodies are capable of giving us exclusive information that we actually can't receive any other way. This is why staying connected to our body and keeping it clean is so important. 

What we eat, drink, and inhale matters. How often we exercise and sleep matters. When we make lifestyle decisions, we are casting a vote to either directly support or inhibit our body's intelligence.

Here we look at common lifestyle choices from a whole-self perspective to shift from a place of hurting the body to healing it.

Leaf Stem


Well + Rising serves anyone who is looking to function well in the world whilst consciously rising to their soul's calling. Every piece of information provided here works to help integrate your mind, body, and soul, so you start showing up fully. Stick around to learn how to live a life you're proud of. You deserve it!

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