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Aries Moon

Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

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Aries is a cardinal sign which means that you're a “Make it Happen Captain”. You are someone who is bold, courageous, passionate, and exciting. New experiences are the lifeblood to you. The influx of passion pumping through your veins drives you to obsessively chase after any goals or desires you have. Anything (or anyone) that comes too easily will lose your interest fast. You're learning to make your way through life by directly interacting with it. It’s about taking actions based purely on raw animalistic instinct. You don’t have time to pause, hesitate, or consider the situation in depth. Your response to life is honest, immediate, and straightforward. You also don’t like feeling weak, so when you do the Ram (which represents Aries) comes out to play. You charge, head on!

Sometimes in life we win and other times we lose. When we lose fear wisely teaches us not to repeat that same mistake; but your relationship with fear is different. Your heart recovers quickly, and knows that fears must be addressed in order to be conquered. Whether or not you rise to such occasions will determine your overall sense of fulfillment. You, at your best, explore the world bravely without any apologies.

Aries is pinned for being selfish - and they definitely can be - but labeling them as such is misleading. It’s not that you don’t care about other people. Rather, you’re just so focused on your goals that they fade into your peripherals. This stems from an unconscious need to develop an “I can do it” attitude. Life will support you in this, and see to it that you’re presented with a plethora of opportunities to develop courage and confidence in your instincts.

Love With An Aries Moon

When I think about Aries and their love style I think about soldiers in the military: wrestling, punching each other’s arm, and ringing into one another mercilessly with jokes. It’s brutal, yet fun and playful. At the end of the day, however, these soldiers are willing to lay their lives on the line to save each other. This style of connectivity is an Aries moon in action.

You’re all about emotional strength. So naturally you love others by helping them get stronger, too. Cuddling and tenderly nurturing someone back to health isn’t your MO. In your mind it’s all about dusting yourself off, standing back up, and going another round. Your feelings are intense, though, so you feel spell-ridden to emotional highs and lows. Thankfully, you have a buoyant spirit and are never down for long.

It’s hard for you to watch someone you love experience prolonged states of woundedness. In your mind getting hurt isn’t ideal, but staying down is a choice. Why would someone choose to stay down when life keeps going?

In terms of compatibility you appreciate bold and direct communication. Someone who says something out of line and stands by it appeals to you. This is because it gives you permission to be your unfiltered self, too. You build trust with those who can take it just as much as they can give it. Pretenses and sugar coating issues irritate you. More broadly you simply can’t stand people pushing off an image that's clearly false. As a general statement you much prefer fun and adventure to sweet, over-the-top gestures. With that said, an Aries moon can benefit greatly from a partner who teaches them that being vulnerable and soft is okay.

When An Aries Moon Loses It

Aries is a fire sign. When you lose control the temperature in the room gets HOT, and fast. You’re comfortable expressing anger and responding defensively. You’re purely reactionary. Your impulsive nature leads you to say things before you’ve had time to think about the consequences. Your words can cause third degree burns. Be careful. Your bold spirit makes you the perfect candidate for confrontations. On an evolutionary level, you’re learning how to master the art of intimate conflict. When you don’t have the space to release the anger, you take it out on anyone around you: co-workers, people on the road etc. You can find yourself poking at others, almost instigating a fight. What we’re looking at here is someone who is wired for comfortable and confident with direct communication. So practicing restraint, even when needed, is hard for you.

Living Space

You’re a bit rowdy and uncut. You need plenty of space to say what you want and to move how you please. Unless there’s an aspect to your moon proving different, you don’t really care too much for decorations. You appreciate bright colors and minimum clutter.

Moon Sign & Your Mama

The Moon falling into independent Aries tells the story of a person who wasn’t babied by his or her mama. You learned early on that you were best off by learning how to fend for yourself. Aries is a dominant energy, so it’s likely that your mother had a domineering personality. She wasn’t one to play the victim card, nor did she participate in the hype of what a mother should do -- at least with you (your siblings likely have different moon signs).

Your mother is assertive, courageous, lively, and spunky. She was a fighter and stood up to her challenges. This energy was passed down to you. This also says that your mom has a hot temper. Just like you, she’s impatient with her emotions as well as the emotions of others.

She probably came off a bit selfish, and I’m sure you hear your friends and loved ones sing this same song about your approach to love. She was just so consumed with meeting her hardships and creating her own sense of independence that she didn’t allot the proper amount of love and attention you needed.

If this doesn’t ring true, take a peek at the aspects being made to your moon, as they will surely adjust the lens through which you see and experience her.

Take home message: Aries Moon, you’re here to develop emotional strength and courage. Listen to your instincts, and let your life experience teach you to trust in yourself.

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