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Cancer Moon

Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

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The Moon represents your emotional body. It’s what an astrologer looks to when they want to understand what you need to feel happy, safe, and nurtured. The Moon is also the part of you that determines whether someone or a situation is trustworthy. In a breath, your moon sign will explain what your non-negotiables in life are.

*Note: Your Moon sign is rarely the same as your Sun sign. To find out what your Moon sign is simply run your birth chart online using your birth date, time and location*


A water Moon implies a deep and rich emotional body; though, you may not readily express just how vulnerable you are. Think about the symbol of Cancer: the crab. The hard shell serves as a defense mechanism to protect all that tender meat inside. You’re the same way! People may view you as tough, closed off, or even cold, but you know better. That facade only serves to protect yourself from those who are undeserving of your soft heart.

Now, stereotypes will say that you yearn and daydream about having children, but that’s far too narrow of a goal. However, the core of the matter still rings true: you’re at your best when there’s something or someone in your life that you’re taking care of or nurturing. It could be your position at work, a team of people, a personal project, a family member in need of care etc.

Your heart is learning how to let your emotion and creative imagination write the book that you’ll call A Life. It’s an intricate balance between learning when it’s appropriate to protect yourself vs. expressing your feelings to love and be loved in return. Your emotions are strong, though, and will compel you to make something of them.

Your heart is like a sponge, in that you readily absorb all the water (emotions) of other people. It can weigh you down and make you heavy by the end of the day. Therefore, it’s important that you carve out some alone time every day where you sort out what feelings do and don’t belong to you. You must ring yourself out.

The world seems to be an emotional rollercoaster for you. In turn, your relationship with your family and lineage is also of grave importance to you. Whether it’s your birth or chosen family, being a part of a clan is critical to your sense of safety. You meet the feelings of an ever-changing world with a solid home base. You may be late to leave the nest because of this.

Love With A Cancer Moon

When someone finally penetrates through the shell, you’re very giving and attentive. You make a fine hostess, and will often enjoy having guests over. Caring for friends/family, refilling drinks, and making food feel “right” to you.

For someone to earn your heart’s approval, you need to feel like you’re handled with care and gentleness. You’re happy to go the extra mile for someone who is sensitive and receptive to your needs. So gratitude goes a long way with you, too.

It’s important that your partner doesn’t pry for information that you’re not ready to disclose. You need space and time to pass before you trust someone. So anyone violating your boundaries - cracking your shell - offends you and pushes you away. Remember, Crabs don’t like being in hot water. . .

Depending on your chart, you’re likely a historian when it comes to memories-- especially because memories are enriched by emotions. Thus, events like anniversaries and birthdays are important to you. You like to play it up with the sentiments here.

On that note, you know that love isn’t always flowers and cuddles. Love requires emotional endurance, and you’re wired for it. As much as you love loving, you struggle with letting other people love you. It makes you feel vulnerable. It’s much easier - and by easier I mean safer - to just give love. But if you keep doing this, resentment will start to collect because you still have needs and wants.

This sign is notorious for dropping subtle clues and suggestions instead of outright admitting what you want. You think your clues make it obvious. Let me save you from the let down: it’s not. Not everyone will catch your toss, so it’s critical for the health of your relationship that you accept your needs and let your partner know what they are.

You would do well to explore a relationship with someone who helps you trust yourself enough to come out of your shell, as well the one who teaches you how to forgive and forget.

Losing Control

Cancer doesn’t like confrontation. When you find yourself attacked or threatened, you’ll immediately go into your shell. You close yourself off. In the short term this serves you well because it gives you the opportunity to strengthen and collect yourself. It also helps you cool off and process your emotions. However, if you stay in your shell forever, you’ll boil in your own heat. Have you met your new best friend, Resentment? More concretely,

you’ll miss critical conversations with important people. In order to be loved for who you are, you’ve gotta let yourself show. Even if you’re just peeking your head out! Whatever you let out, you let heal.

Living with a Cancer Moon

Speaking of nests, Cancer is all about ‘em! The home of a Cancer moon is undoubtedly a testament to their need for comfort and security. They’re like Capricorn in the sense that they appreciate antiques or things that have memories and meaning attached to them. Your family and their memorabilia are also a part of your decor. In whole, you want your home to be just that: a home. With a soft lighting, scents, and color schemes.

Your Moon Sign and Your Mama

The Moon and Cancer have a natural connection to the Mother; therefore, your relationship with your mom stands out. The cookie could’ve crumbled either way: she was either too mothering or outright absent. Regardless of which she was, you’ll find yourself obsessing over the things she did extraordinarily well or severely lacked. If you’re the eldest child, you experienced having mommy’s undivided attention until your siblings came along. Then, you had to transform into her little sidekick. As you age it’s hard for you to shake this responsibility. If you’re the youngest, she’s probably made it hard for you to grow up. It’s then easy for you to remain a child well into adulthood.

Pay close attention to your adult relationships: they likely mimic that of a mommy and child relationship where one is constantly taking care of the other.

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