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Libra Moon

Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

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The Moon represents your emotional body. It’s what an astrologer looks to when they want to understand what you need to feel happy, safe, and nurtured. The Moon is also the part of you that determines whether someone or a situation is trustworthy. In a breath, your moon sign will explain what your non-negotiables in life are.

*Note: Your Moon sign is rarely the same as your Sun sign. To find out what your Moon sign is simply run your birth chart online using your birth date, time and location*


Libra goes down in astrological history as the sign that’s concerned with relationships. Now, straightforwardly this means that your heart is yearning for romantic love. True. Your mind is consumed by the thought of love, and you’re likely much happier when you have someone to share your enjoyment of life with. But there’s another side to relationships that often goes unnoticed: making relationships work. Relationships don’t have so much to do with emotion as they do commitment, negotiation and teamwork. Libra is about the relationship dynamics like: How do we get along? When we want different things, who makes the call? What’s fair? Where do I end and you begin?

Love is about negotiation and compromise. This mentality spreads like wildfire throughout every area of life. You examine both sides of every story because your heart is in search of the balanced compromise. Any form injustice or playing unfairly breaks your heart. You see all the colors of a situation and instinctively feel obligated to bring perspective into situations where only one side is being represented. It’s no coincidence that Libra and justice are both represented by the scales!

The most important act of all, however, is the balancing act you must do within yourself. Your happiness should be based on your inner equilibrium. Learn to steady yourself in the chaos, and you’re golden.

Living With A Libra Moon

You need home to be peaceful. The world knocks you off your equilibrium all day, so having a place that can reliably set your scales back to the middle ground is key. If your home has tension, you’ll surely run yourself into the ground.

In terms of decor, you appreciate little nice touches around the house: flowers, candles, a good glass of wine. These all add an air of luxury that you favor so dearly. But, this is not because you’re materialistic. You like luxury because it’s physical representation of elevated peace. Not only do you have what you need, you have the best versions of them. Having your home furnished with pleasant decor is almost external validation of the inner peace you’re always seeking.

Love With A Libra Moon

You need someone who is considerate. It sounds obvious but being considerate is a big deal to the person who’s constantly thinking of others. You crave someone who is just as mindful as you are, a person who remembers that there are two people being affected in the relationship.

Chivalry also goes a long way in your book. It makes you feel taken care of. One could branch off into gender roles and expectations but I’m not going to take it there. More broadly, you’re looking for decency, one who is well-mannered and polite. Someone who is too fixed on themselves and concerned with only their agenda will surely lose your trust -- if they’d even gained it. You need a partner who thinks of you too, and speaks respectfully toward you.

You’re a gifted debater, and usually enjoy playing devil’s advocate. But this can be frustrating to your lover in emotionally charged situations because they want to be understood. When you play the opposite hand, you’re introducing the potential of polarization. This, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, can re-adjust the focus of the conversation from trying to find a solution together to desperately needing to prove a point.

Unless your chart indicates otherwise, you are probably one to avoid an argument. Your environment directly affects your internal scale. Therefore, you like to act calm and collected even when all hell is breaking loose. You hope the tension will just go away somehow. Life doesn’t work that way. The anger just compresses itself within you. Peacemaking means having those uncomfortable situations, and learning how to make peace is what your heart is here to master.

You may also avoid conflicts out of your sheer desire to not be selfish. But being self-centered has never been an issue for you. You are constantly considering others and actually tend to lose your own opinions in the process. That said, a partner who can teach you to express yourself without fear of being disliked would be helpful. Remember, not everyone you meet is going to like you and that’s okay!

When A Libra Moon Loses It

You’re a natural mediator and counselor to your friends and family, especially when there’s beef between them. Though it’s admirable that you’re willing to step to the plate, being in these situations can put you in some pretty uncomfortable positions. In order to make each party feel like you’re on their side you’re going to bend the truth and have to say some things that you don’t really stand by. This can make you look two faced. Learn to draw the line and let go of needing to please everyone.

Now, making decisions for yourself can be tricky because society tells us to follow our heart. In your case, your heart is the source of your dilemmas. Your indecision is crippling. It’s helpful to do a physical and emotional body check: How am I doing right in this moment? What’s off and why? Tackle physical exhaustion or states of hunger first, as this will help you balance yourself out. Get you heart and body back to it’s natural resting place. Avoid pro’s and con’s lists until you’ve done this because it will only further confuse you. You’ll find yourself writing a pro down just to write an equally as compelling con.

Your Moon Sign And Your Mama

This tells me that your mom was a romantic but to some degree was let down in that department. In turn, she redirected her affections toward you and showered you with “mommy’s love”. Now, you’ve came to expect this kind of attention from your partner even though it’s grossly unrealistic. The love you expect is the kind of love one can only dream about or imagine. On an unconscious level you’re tying this romantic ideal of love to safety and security.

On the opposite hand, maybe your parents didn’t divorce and your mother wasn’t showering you with love. In this household you likely witnessed a marriage where they were constantly fighting with each other and you had to play mediator. We must remember that a young child only wants to survive and be safe. Your way to survive was through learning how to charm people and making people like you. You use your energy to make the situation lighter. From your position as a child arguments were direct threats to your sense of security. So now, as an adult, you shy away from conflicts because it strikes up that same emotional uneasiness. Since you were young you’ve been positioned and challenged to become the ultimate peacemaker.

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