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Pisces Moon

Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

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The Moon represents your emotional body. It’s what an astrologer looks to when they want to understand what you need to feel happy, safe, and nurtured. The Moon is also the part of you that determines whether someone or a situation is trustworthy. In a breath, your moon sign will explain what your non-negotiables in life are.

*Note: Your Moon sign is rarely the same as your Sun sign. To find out what your Moon sign is simply run your birth chart online using your birth date, time and location*


Your heart is out of this world! Sounds like I’m being cutesy, but I’m actually quite serious. Your emotional body, your heart, is learning to trust the universe. You probably have a resting gut feeling that things will work out exactly as they should. You are endowed with an immeasurable amount of faith that allows you to move through the world with your arms and heart wide open.

On a deeper level, you understand that we’re all connected in more ways than we know or are willing to admit. In result, you’re compassionate, giving, and tender hearted. In fact, you often wish that you weren’t so sensitive. You might feel it to be a weakness and look for ways to “toughen up”. Know that everything serves a purpose. Your heightened sensitivity helps your feelings move through you like waves brushing through the ocean: naturally, and in perfect rhythm.

Now, Pisces moon isn’t all about teddy bears and cuddle sessions. That’s only 50% of you. The other half is concerned with creating magic on earth. You dare to dream and imagine things that don’t exist. On the surface this makes you sound crazy, but in practice can make you legendary. You likely doze off into your dream world at least a handful of times everyday. It’s in this dream-like space that you think outside of the box. You know how to function in an abstract reality. It’s here that you birth the dream vision no one saw coming. Think of Pisces Moon Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream.”

Living With A Pisces Moon

Your heart is like a sponge. You soak up all the messiness of life that people can’t see, like emotions and vibes. By the end of the day you feel heavy and weighted. Therefore, it’s critical that your home be a peaceful place where you can ring yourself out.

Light colors create a dreamy and spacy atmosphere, so you’ll likely gravitate toward them. Pictures or sounds of the ocean will also help you unwind. I know this is beginning to sound like a Yoga studio but it works! You see, you have a gut feeling that your spirit doesn’t belong here on Earth. You’d much rather be somewhere else. In turn, your home becomes a physical “dreamy space” for you to retreat to.

Love With A Pisces Moon

You are loving, gentle, receptive, and generous. You are the type of lover who would do anything for your person. As with the ocean, you like relationships that have an easygoing flow to them. You want to share the experience of life with someone, almost to the point where you’ve merged together. There’s an overload of unconditional love in your heart that derives from your ideas of a dream relationship. This can lead to major disillusionment if not you’re not careful. Where others see red flags, you see a desperate soul in need of your help. Learn to stay grounded in reality.

You’re a little too good at forgiving and forgetting. It enables people to continuously play victim in your life, forcing you to come to the rescue again. It also makes it hard for you to leave weak partners because you feel bad for them. You need to recognize that you’re just staying with someone not out of love, but out of pity.

Your heart is learning how to keep the faith, how to be light-hearted and happy. In learning to do this for yourself, you will learn how to help others accomplish this too. At minimum, you will want to make people laugh, providing them with a temporary escape from the harshness of reality.

You trust easily and are open to all kinds of people. The person who stands above the others will be kind and comfortable with the words “spirit” or “soul”. In short, you want a soulmate. The fairytale relationship that you’ve quietly dreamt about your whole life. You want Disneyland. That said, it would do you well to find an Earthy partner who can help you learn that in order for your dreams to come true, you’ve gotta return back to reality.

**Side note: as emotional as you are, it’s difficult for you to get a clear view at what exactly you’re feeling. It’s like you’re trying to drive, but your emotions are thick and dense like fog. Sometimes you just have to pull over and wait for it to lighten up before moving forward.

When a Pisces Moon Loses It

When you’ve lost your way it’s because you’ve given yourself away. You care so much about helping other people that your needs dissolve. Learn to say no to others when you need to say yes to yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, you soak up a lot of unspoken junk. It’s not a choice you make, it’s just how you were made. Thus, it’s important that you choose your friends wisely. Your heart is taking them and their energy in completely. So if they’re toxic, you’re heart is feeding off of that. It directly affects your mood, weakening you and leaving you moody.

Also, you lead your life with your emotions. This can take you down some pretty unexpected paths. You don’t need to live your life by a plan, but some degree of preparedness goes a long way, honey. Especially considering that you’re not the type to confront issues — you run.

Your Moon Sign And Your Mama

This tells the story of two mothers. The first is a mom who was devoted to helping and rescuing others. She routinely put her needs on hold to lend her hands to a better cause. She was placed in high regard in your mind for this, but slightly too high if you know what I mean. She was always a bit out of reach. She was neither there nor absent for her children. She was giving and loving one moment, and off parenting other children the next.

You likely admired and absorbed these characteristics in her and strive to do the same in your adult life. There’s also a feeling of needing to be the perfect child in order to gain her undivided attention.

The second option is that she was entirely absent emotionally. This is a mom who relied on her children to rescue her. She could’ve been addicted to a substance or food, which in turn required you to be there for her. Still, she seemed to have a way about her that made you show up and love her, but also resent the responsibility she wrongfully thrust upon you. If her condition was bad enough it destroyed you, leaving you helpless and in need of nurturance.

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