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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I am."

Aries says, "I am."

Archetypes: The Pioneer, The Daredevil, The Fool

Mode: Cardinal

Perspective: Personal

Life lesson: To develop courage in one's instincts & ability to survive.

Developmental phase:Birth to 18 months (Piaget’s sensori-motor phase). Children at this stage use their personal experience to learn about the world. They develop knowledge on their own, even when they aren’t taught or influenced by others. The motivation to learn is solely internal, so they often do not need rewards or any other outside influence. Aries carries this same approach.

General characteristics & Observable behaviors: Thirst for immediate gratification; Active; Energetic; Adventurous; Impetuous Child; Natural; Self-Directed; Independent; Fiery; Instinctual; Straight and Direct; Fierce; Brave, Bold, Forthright; Enterprising; Quick; Impulsive; Abrupt; Audacious; Daring or Defiant; Combative; Impatient; Assertive; Belligerent; Pugnacious; Demanding; Insensitive; Pushy; Resolute

Give aries permission to: Be independent | To live, act, and speak boldly. To value and operate from their personal perspective | Learn how to act and trust their instinct | Lead their own life

Challenge Aries when: Rage and frustration take over their right mind and inhibit their ability to act in ways that support their greatest good | Their desire for passion leads them to chaos rather than healthy, intimate, conflict | Their strength as a leader becomes an authoritarian rulership | They give up on projects that truly matter to them, only because their follow through is lacking long-term vision/planning

Aries is The Fool, in the best way possible. Aries is the human impulse that inspires a leap into the unknown. With little else than the mere trust in possibility, Aries throws rationale to the wind as it jumps off the cliff in the chase of change. Both intuitive and irrational, Aries is born with the courage to start anew. When on new territory, Aries finds itself with nothing but raw human strength, the will to survive, and a mind focused on the conquer.

Aries is keenly aware that something more, something bigger, and better exists-- and they want it! On the adventure of life it's sure to face moments of intimidation, whispering doubt, and seemingly endless obstacles. But guess what? Aries doesn’t care. Once their intuition roars an idea in their ear, they’re off charging with Ram-like strength to get what they want. With Aries we are looking at a savage, animalistic, thrust to get what it wants and feels it deserves. Bull-riding in a foreign country with their hands tied behind your back? Let's do it! The specifics of the choices don’t matter nearly as much as the ongoing lesson people with Aries energy embody: developing courage. Not every stressful and blood-curdling situation will make us more valiant, but it is impossible to valorous without them. Life is trying to teach Aries to trust in themselves and their capabilities. They are here to create unshakable self-esteem. The only task is to keep moving, shake what’s weak, and become stronger.


+ Ballsy independence and leadership are Aries biggest strengths.

+ "No mountain is big enough and no ocean wide enough" attitude.

+ Developing courage by exercising it in high-stress situations.

Shadow Side

+ Fighting without a cause.

+ Degrading passion to anger; being combative and argumentative.

+ Listening to others and waiting for them to stop so it can talk.

The advice: Your fire will always be burning. The goal is to manage it. Contain it (think of a fireplace). Feed it the right kind of experiences to keep it running and warm. If Aries is not mindful about how and where they’re releasing their energy, they might end up burning their house down.

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