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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I feel."

Cancer says, "I feel."

Archetypes: The Mother, Healer, & Invisible (Wo)man

Ruler: The Moon

Mode: Cardinal

Perspective: Personal

Life Mission: To care & heal; to recognize the emotional body as a powerful healing compass that leads the way to a fulfilling and meaningful life

Developmental Phase: 8 to 12 years old;

General Characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Nurturing; Loving; Affectionate; Protective; Smothering; Intuitive; Feeling-Oriented; Reactive; Moody; Changeable; Inconstant; Perceptive; Mirroring; Reflective; Impressionable; Roundabout; Pliable; Manipulative; Introverted; Shy; Self-Protective; Romanticizes the Past; Traditional; Historic; Sentimental; Loyal; Dependent; Clingy; Vulnerable.

Give Cancer Permission to: Mother something/everything (their job, family members, pets, or partner). Fall silent until they’re able to make sense of their feeling | Feel deeply and profoundly. . . and then let it go | Protect, with mother bear fierceness, the things and people they care about | Chase financial and material security, as it contributes to their need to provide

Challenge Cancer When: They become invisible in their own life | Cancer has a tendency to sleep with one eye open, always ready to be needed | Over time, their willingness to help others becomes a constant denial of self-care | Their connection to others, home, mother, or culture prevents them living their dream | “Cut the cord!”Refuse to let go of the past/memories

Cancer is the energy that creates and carries through. Just as a mother conceives a child, she sees to it that the child is protected and nourished emotionally, mentally and physically. Cancer understands that the most vulnerable things in life need protection, especially our inner world. Just as our ribcage protects our heart, the shell of a crab protects its tendermost meat. In order for our insides to connect with the outer world, we develop an impressive sensory system. It is this concept that so readily explains the sensitivity of the crab.

The crab is about about the integration of the inner-self (emotions) and the outer world. Cancer is rich with emotion, and is responsible for teaching the world about the significance of those emotions. It recognizes that a world without emotion is a like a coloring book without color. Likewise, coloring without structure results in a black blob. Therefore, Cancer is given a plethora of opportunities and experiences to practice feeling (coloring) in reality (within the lines) in order to craft the masterpiece of life.


+ The “real” world is black and white in comparison to the inner world of a Cancer.

+ Feeling things entirely, in a way that no other sign can.

+ Nature born nurtures and caregivers.

+ Psychic gifts and witchy intuition.

Shadow Side

+ Not knowing when or how to say no.

+ Giving all of themselves to everyone but themself.

+ Becoming invisible in their own life.

+ Helping others live their best lives, at the cost of living their own.

+ Taking on responsibilities that do not belong to them.

The advice: Schedule time out of your day for yourself. It is not an act of selfishness, rather a time to be self-aware. You may be taking excellent care of others even if you’re only functioning at 30%, but imagine what you could do if you were charged at 50%, 75%, or even 100%. Spend time with friends or family who you know will recharge you spirit. Use Leo, the following sign, as a reminder that YOU matter. That sometimes it’s YOUR turn to receive attention and affection.

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