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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I think."

Gemini says, "I think."

Archetypes: The Teacher, The Storyteller, The Messenger, The Trickster

Ruler: mercury

Mode: mutable

Perspective: personal

Life Mission: To allow curiosity to birth an endless amount of questions they'll spend their whole lives answering

Developmental Phase: 4-7yrs old. This correlates to Piaget’s Late Preoperational and Early Concrete operations stage. Here, children’s development consists of building experiences about the world through adaptation. They are constantly working to arrive at the concrete stage where they may use logical thought. By the end of this phase, children can mentally represent objects and events, as well as engage in symbolic play. The focus is on perception and development of words as symbols.

General Characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Hyperactive; Busy; Eager; Keen; Alert; Curious; Restless; Quick; Mercurial; Intellectual; Observant; Classifying or Labeling; Cerebral; Knowledgeable; Factual; Linear-thinking; Skillful and Agile; Dexterous; Flexible; Adaptable; Quick Learner; Light; Humorous; Loquacious; Clever and Witty; Shallow; Superficial; Changeable; Scattered; Unreliable; Trivial.

Give Gemini Permission to: Share their ideas and learn as many random facts as possible.Be a master of none, but a jack of all trades.Change their mind, perception, and direction with the wind.

Challenge Gemini When: Chaos takes over | When Gemini gets bored they tend to jump ship, even when it’s headed to the destination they desire most | They never see anything through | Become a busy bee with no honey.Their restless mind leads them into a bar, rather than a counselor's office

The troublesome twins. The individual embodying this energy may find the twins to be enemies one minute and best friends the next. The key note here is that Gemini represents two parts of the same person, rather than two separate beings. Gemini is about integrating two opposites in order to establish a whole.

Gemini is known in mythology as the messenger, but more broadly comes to represent perception, thoughts, and ultimately decisions. This process of making decisions is critical to Gemini’s development. Through our choices we come to realize ourselves. The decisions we make are products of our values; thus, the choices we make are representations of what we value most.

The two sides of Gemini are actually quite simple as one represents the mentality of youth whilst the other wisdom and maturity. Youth, in this sense, is not interchangeable with age though our ideas of youth lay the groundwork. Imagine a two-year old in all her selfishness. She wants what she wants, and she wants it now. It’s not so much that she pivots away from the needs of others, rather that she just does not see them. The perspective of a young child is to establish oneself without recognizing the consequences of the near future. . . or the impact it presses upon others. Even as adults we embody this dilemma: what we want to do vs. what we know we should do.

Which leads us precisely to the other side of Gemini: intrinsic wisdom. This is the part of us that considers the greater effect of our decisions, and lends space to make a choice that represents us, as an individual, best. It is through many trials and errors that Gemini develops its piercingly sharp perception of themselves and the world. Gemini at its brightest is the light of knowledge.


+ The mental capacity to see everything.

+ Endless hunger for information, ideas, and curious conversations.

+ Childlike enthusiasm and playfulness.

+ Quick with numbers and their witts.

+ Walking encyclopedia.

+ Excellent memory and recall.

Shadow Side

+ Manipulating data to prove their lie as "true."

+ Flirting their way out of trouble.

+ Jumping important ships that are taking them places out of boredom.

+ Being fickle and flighty.

+ Struggling to calm the mind; resulting in an overactive nervous system and potential sleep issues.

The advice: Imagine the busyness of your mind to be a lean, yet crazy wild horse. Without a talented and knowledgeable rider the horse will run aimlessly and accomplish nothing more than chaos. Use the anxiety as activation energy, pair it with your intelligence, and get the twins to where they need to be.

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