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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I want."

Leo says, "I want."

Archetypes: The Performer, The King/Queen, The Child

Ruler: The Sun

Mode: Fixed

Perspective: Social

Life lesson: Self-expression

Developmental Phase: 12 to 18 years old. There is a tendency to rebel against authority. This is rooted in a desire to differentiate and create an identity that separates them from the crowd.

General characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Radiant; Warm; Proud; Confident; Royal; Demonstrative; Outgoing; Extroverted; Flashy; Positive; Noble; Appreciative; Vivacious; Jovial; Conceited; Authoritative; Inflated; Bombastic or Boastful; Phony; Playful; Pleasure-Seeking; Party Animal; Too Accepting; Susceptible to Flattery; Uncritical or Short-Sighted; Presumptuous; Headstrong; Self-Aggrandizing; Justifying/Rationalizing; Prideful

Give Leo Permission to: Want the three A’s: attention, affection, and applause. Show up and show off.Take their mask off; to work on self-expression and self-acceptance. Lead the pack.Acknowledge that their personality is their best asset.

Challenge Leo When:Melodrama or pride takes over | Sometimes Leo can get so caught up in the heat of the scene that they lose sight of the purpose of the production | Their mind (or temper) fixates on someone or something that challenges their pride-- derailing them from their end goal.

Leo is the sunshine of the zodiac. They are self-confident and outgoing socialites.

There’s just something royal and warm about them. Leo’s are self-confident, and natural born leaders. Like their fellow fire sign sibling Aries, the lion is here to exercise strength but in a totally very different way. Where Aries is here to build physical strength, Leo must develop the an inner strength and spirit to overcome any obstacle. The biggest obstacle Leo will ever face is defeating the ferocious lion inside their mind.

In Greek mythology, Hercules is demanded to go inside a dark cave to skin a lion with invincible skin. Because the lion cannot be killed with weaponry, as the weapons will break, Hercules is forced to use only his intelligence and pure human strength. He eventually sets a trap and strangles the beast to death. As instructed, Hercules skins the beast and cloaks himself with it. This represents an invincibility that is gained when Leo overcomes the scary beast that lives within us. This is essence of Leo.

In the deepest sense, Leo is working to understand how to integrate their inner passions and desires into something tangible that is grand enough to receive royal recognition.


Leo knows how to be happy and joyous! They live in the present moment, and because of this enjoy it to the fullest. They approach life with charisma and creativity. As the saying goes, "Start to clap and the curtain will rise!" Give Leo your attention, and they’ll give you a show.

Shadow Side

The Sun needs something to shine on, a King or Queen needs commoners to lead, a performer needs an audience. . . do you get where I’m going with this? Leo’s need recognition from others. And more often than not, they deserve it! But the shadow comes into play when they base their self-worth on what others think and say about them. Their need for approval can paralyze the self-expression and creativity that makes them so star-worthy. Their pride often worsens the situation because it prevents them from asking for love and support from others when they deeply need it.

The advice: Be vulnerable. There is nothing more rewarding to you than learning that you will be adored and accepted when you are yourself. Through watching them accept you, you learn to accept yourself. Train your eye to see your own beauty, value, and star power. Remind yourself that you have everything you need to get your version of a standing applause. Life loves you, honey.

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