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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"We have."

Libra says,"We are."

Archetypes:The Lover, The Peacemaker, The Artist

Ruler: Venus

Mode: Cardinal

Perspective: Social

Life Mission: To balance; libra comes into this world with a broken scale & will be injected into chaotic situations so it learns the tools necessary to establish peace

Developmental Phase: 26-35 years old. It is the emergence into adulthood as a “social equal.” In this stage we aim to establish connections to community through public relations and networking. This is also a time of committing to a partner (marriage) and creating a family.

General Characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Interested; Inviting; Engaging; Attractive; Agreeable; Just; Ethical; Polite; Considerate; Mediating; Cooperative; Thoughtful; Accommodating; Superficial; Shallow; Graceful; Exquisite; Artistic; Aesthetic; Noncommittal; Irresolute; Detached; Harmony above all; Two-Faced; Fence-Sitter; Smooth; Artful; Friendly; Charming; Pleasant; Impartial; Wishy-Washy; Compliant.

Give Libra Permission to: Chase aesthetic excellence | Refine the details | Be uneasy in chaotic situations (Libra doesn’t like it, but needs to learn how to navigate their way through the situation)

Challenge Libra When: Indecision stands in the way of making choices that have lasting effects (marriage, career choice, choosing a place to live) | When their desire to keep the peace looks like them living inauthentically | When their discomfort in uncomfortable situations leads them to externally abandon their personal views in order to establish a false sense of calm.

The Scales. To no ones surprise, Libra is all about learning how to balance. Contrary to popular belief, balancing and being balanced is not something that Libra comes into this world knowing how to do. It's a skill that recognized and built overtime through concrete experience.

Libra is known to be indecisive. This is usually because it strives to examine all sides of the story before making a decision. Libra demands all the details - good and bad - in a calculated effort to draw conclusions that are fair and just. Justice might as well be the daughter of Libra in the sense that everything Libra releases is impartial, minded, and as morally correct as it comes. Libra is also tasked with communicating its opinions in a way that will be well-received and respected by those around them. They must master the art of interactions with others. This happens through years of watching others intently, putting themselves in other people's minds, and then responding to people in ways that promote peace.

Libra is a natural people pleaser, which lends it to dance around (avoid) arguments and conflict all together. To calm others down Libra will tell them what they want and need to hear. It’s not that Libra is bowing to the views or choices of others (I promise they will have opinions of their own), but they need their external reality to look peaceful so their mind can return to peace. This same concept translates over to Libra’s tendency to choose high-class restaurants, designer clothing, luxurious hotels etc. It's not that they're shallow, but because all of those things are symbolic of elevated peace.


No other zodiac sign is as liberal as Libra. Share a firm stance on something with a Libra and automatically you’ll hear why just the opposite opinion holds merit. Whilst other people enjoy picking sides, Libra prefers to live a paradox. How can the world make sense that way, you ask? It doesn’t -- and Libra doesn’t care. They hold space for two opposite realities to exist in the same moment.

As mentioned above, they are also masterminds when it comes to reading other people’s needs, wants, and motives. They have social dynamics down-packed. They are our social butterflies.

Shadow Side

Sometimes Libra can get so caught up in their mind that they never make a decision. Always impartial, never particularly charged or committed to any one path or way. What ends up happening is that instead of Libra making major life choices, life makes major choices for them (marriage and career path.)

The advice: Accept that you will always consider the road you didn’t travel. No matter the road you take, there will be a lingering curiosity for could have happened. When it comes to important life decisions, choose the path that feels just and right to your innermost you.

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