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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I seek."

Sagittarius says,"I seek."

Archetypes: The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Philosopher

Ruler: Jupiter

Mode: Mutable

Perspective: Universal

Life Mission: To understand & expand

Developmental Phase: 45 to 65 years old. This is the age of increasing influence and learned wisdom. These are the upper echelons of business and politics. They have a deeper understanding of life and improved judgement. The desire for truth and justice is paramount. High functioning Sagittarians, in comparison to others their age, embody these gifts from a young age.

General Characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Jovial; Cheerful; Humorous; Gregarious; Life-Affirming; Hopeful; Optimistic; Naive; Farsighted; Truthful; Preachy; Windy; Tactless; Frank; Disarmingly Direct; Inspirational; Charitable; Inflated; Insightful; Logical; Speculative; Philosophical; Future-Oriented; Roving and Exploratory; Excited; On-The-Move; Beneficent; Public-Spirited; Foolish; Irresponsible; Undisciplined; Unrealistic; Wasteful; Grandiose; Manic; Overextended; Excessive; Indulgent;

Give Sagittarius Permission to: Have ultimate freedom to explore, learn, grow, and ultimately come to understand the complexities of life.To Immerse themselves wholly into experiences without expectation or attachment to outcome.To flirt with life (and everyone in it!)Develop their own philosophy, test it out, and adjust it often.

Challenge Sagittarius When: Foolishness leads them waste their time and energy | When fanaticism leads them too far away from the point or goal | Their belief in a philosophy prevents them from taking in counterarguments that are valid and could heighten or deepen their understanding of life | Their passion leads them to ignore new and true information that challenges their opinion

“Not the archer, but the arrow . . . If that arrow were to suddenly be given a mind, what thoughts would occupy it? . . . Who fired me into this luminous sky and for what purpose? What is my place here? Where am I going? What is the reason for my existence”

-Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

As any Sag will tell you the arrow is aimed to find meaning of life. To navigate the journey up, Sagittarius has elected a philosopher and gypsy. Though both are concerned with reality and spirituality, they are very different energies. Philosophers have an analytical mind and a markable respect for what has already been discovered. Whilst the gypsy on the other hand has a nomadic spirit, and an insatiable hunger to feel spiritual breakthroughs with their physical body. Needing to satisfy both, Sagittarius will find themselves constantly tempering the philosophers learned knowledge with the gypsy’s need to break away to feel something physically.

Just as an arrow is aimed upward, Sagittarius is always is charting new territory. His understanding of the world and sense of self is created through a gathering of unfamiliar experiences. This is the lifeblood of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius moves at their own pace, carefully and constantly, thinker-ing until balance between the two archetypes is achieved. In result, they are gifted with pearls of wisdom. This wisdom becomes their brightest light.


At best, the gypsy brings Sag to unfamiliar experiences and then reports back to the philosopher what he has learned. These insights ground the philosophers intuition. Without the gypsy, there is no basis in reality. Without the philosopher, there is no grand and enduring meaning to the experiences. They work together. In order for this exchange to exist, Sag needs full and complete freedom to roam. They are optimistic, enthusiastic, and trust in the journey.

Shadow Side

Sagittarius naturally has a positive and optimistic disposition, and because of this they are easy prey to the traps of life. If life were a game, red flags could be flying up all around them and all they’d see is red confetti.

The advice: All that hot fire enthusiasm for life will burn you out if you do not channel it mindfully. Remember that your life journey is precious. If you’re never taking control of where you’re going, where you’re going may end up taking you.

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