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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I have."

Taurus says,"I have."

Archetypes: The Earth Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One

Ruler: Venus & Ceres

Mode: Fixed

Perspective: Personal

Life Mission: Serenity and naturalness; to create a sense of serenity

Developmental Phase: 18 months to 4 years old (Freud’s Anal Stage). The major conflict at this stage is toilet training-- learning to control bladder and bowel movements. Developing control over one’s bodily needs yields a sense of accomplishment and independence. If toilet training is too lenient, we may see an anal-explosive personality: messy, wasteful, and even destructive. On the other hand, when training is pushed on the child too early, the child may adopt an anal-retentive personality: stringent, orderly, restrictive, rigid, and obsessive. Needless to say, the goal is to work with varying levels of control in order to establish a healthy sense of autonomy and security in oneself.

General Characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Earthy; Attractive; Luscious; Physical; Touchable/Huggable; Comfort-seeking; Reserved; Tranquil; Slow; Simple/Basic; Secure and Settled; Safe and Innocent; Predictable; Dependable; Reliable; Persevering; Enduring; Steadfast; Familiar; Pleasure-Oriented; Hoarding; Indulgent; Possessive; Fecundate; Clingy; Immovable or Resistant; Suspicious of Change; Dull or Sluggish; Conservative; Fixed; Unwilling; Cautious; Bull-Headed; Lethargic; Lazy; Fertile.

Give Taurus Permission to:Move at their own pace | Have quiet time to find and listen to animal/gut instinct | Behave in ways that enhance their endurance | To lounge just as hard as they work | Practice using their muscles of control until they find a fair balance.

Challenge taurus when: Materialism becomes their main focus | When their desire to be comfortable turns into a constant laziness | When their routine calls for a makeover; it is self-destructive, unproductive, or completely free of new opportunities to grow.

Taurus is our Earth Spirit. Without Taurus, grounding energy, we would be caught swirling in the winds of our intellect. It is through our connection to the ground that we remember we are existing in a physical reality that requires our attention and hard work for it to survive. Taurus works endlessly toward anything it sees as essential, and once it has established or attained something it focuses on maintenance.

Taurus, more than any other archetype, instinctively knows the amount of steadfast dedication, patience and care all living things require to come into fruition; specifically the body and the Earth. Taurus carries a "Mother Earth" energy that instantly provides a sense of trust, safety, and reliability.


+ Dubious of complexity and antipathetic to drama.

+ Seeks to create a simple and silent reality.

+ Values long-term investments, friendships, relationships, and jobs.

+ Embodies reverence and serenity.

Shadow Side

+ Struggles to let a bad thing go.

+ Resists change and spontaneity.

+ Withholds and withdrawals when it feels unsafe.

+ Predictable AF.

The advice: Accept that you may have a hard time letting go. Using Gemini energy as a remedy. Talk out your losses with trusted companions and be flexible to alternative options. Remember that life is like a tree in that some things are permanent (the roots, the trunk, and branches) whilst others are merely seasonal (leaves, fruit). A tree cannot catch a leaf that has died and fallen to the grass. Instead, it sits peacefully knowing that it is capable of growing something in its place.

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