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Mia Manamea

Feb 5, 2022

"I analyze."

Virgo says, "I analyze."

Archetypes: The Analyst, The Servant, The Perfectionist

Ruler: Mercury

Mode: Mutable

Perspective: Social

Life Mission: Perfection and humility; to humble and purify the spirit through experience in effort to get closer to perfection

Developmental Phase: 19 to 26 years old. In this phase, the psyche is focused on skill-building and apprenticeship. The devil is in the details-- or, in the lack of learning them.

General Characteristics & Observable Behaviors: Efficient; Competent; Responsible; Diligent; Pragmatic; Skillful; Conscientious; Reliable; Humble; Modest; Aloof; Uptight; Self-Critical; Self-Conscious; Unassuming; Unpretentious; Prim and Proper; Uncomfortable; Questioning; Cautious; Hesitant; Discriminating; Detail Conscious; Narrow Vision; Analytical; Strict; Carping; Worrisome; Fixing; Dissatisfied; Intolerant of Error; Picky; Finicky.

Give Virgo Permission to: Offer constructive criticism as an expression of love and care | To rid the environment, body, and personality of reasonable flaws | Refine the details.

Challenge Virgo When: Self-doubt inhibits Virgo’s ability to receive praise for a job well done | Loses sleep over imperfections that, in the grand scheme of things, are of little or no importance | Focus on imperfections causes them to swirl the drain.

Someone bring me an astrology book that doesn’t describe a Virgo as, “responsible with an analytical mind, who thinks too much about the details." Keep looking, because you won't find it. We all recognize that Virgo is a perfectionist to a T. But why? Is it really because they’re just picky and fussy? Do they truly have nothing better to do than micromanage and criticize others?

They do, and with a little adjustment in our perspective we'll see how these characteristics serve this zodiac signs specific mission.

You see, the soul of a Virgo individual serves one overarching purpose: to purify the world. They ping-pong between seeing what exists and what is possible in everything and everyone. Virgo always wants grow, to be better, and to be flawless. I'm imagining the Virgo goddess herself, Beyoncé, right now. Striving for excellence, rather than perfection, is closer to the essence of this energy; though, Virgo prefers the "P" word. And it is their obsession with the idea of perfection that fuels their high levels of dedication, hard work, and determination.

Whereas Leo (the previous sign) was applauded for self-expression, Virgo wants to self-express through service. The mind can assume that Virgo does this because they care about other people, but that's not always necessarily true. Virgo wants to be of service to the principle of service. Being of service to others helps others transform, being of service to the principle transforms Virgo.


Virgo sees Every. Infinitesimal. Detail. Pair that with their crazy high standards and unshakeable sense of responsibility and you’ve got a mind that does not let you rest. Because of this, Virgo never has to worry about being complacent or lazy. They obsess over their ideals, and their competence will deliver them as close as humanly possible to their goals. They are reliable workaholics. Which bring us to an important point we cannot afford to dismiss with Virgo: It is critical that they choose a meaningful career. Regardless of whether or not their job fulfills their souls purpose, Virgo is going to give everything it has until it hits E(mpty). Read that again.

In order for this individual to live a life they are proud of (and the type of work they do determines this) they must choose a worthy cause to serve. This is the prime space Virgo expresses and exercises their need for excellence.

Shadow Side

The word “should” is Virgo’s worst enemy. “It should be this way. . . I should do this . . . I should’ve I should’ve, I should’ve. . .” The downside of striving for perfection is obvious: it is an illusion. Virgo will exhaust themselves to their knees in hopes of touching it. They will sacrifice their mental, physical and emotional health out of their longing to reach that pique they envision. Life becomes nothing but a series of hassles and stresses.

The advice: Learn to manage self-sabotage with self-acceptance. Work on honestly loving yourself, what you create, and what you can do.

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