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Air Element

Mia Manamea

Jan 1, 2023

as thinking

the purpose of air

Consciousness, the gift of reason, the ability to learn, and the art of communication, are all gifts from air.

Air represents our ability to detach from the ego and focus on our environment or current situations. What differentiates humans from the animal kingdom is our ability to think before we act and speak. Unlike the other zodiac signs, none of the air signs are symbolized by animals. Gemini and Aquarius are represented by humans, whilst Libra is the scales. This  energy is the blessing of innovation through pure thought.

recurring themes & wisdom

  • Fostering independence through freedom of thought, speech, and love.

  • Using detachment as a tool to observe situations objectively, delivering the group to a balanced solution.

  • Striving to create harmony within the group (even at the expense of the self).

  • The importance of being around people and breathing them in.

  • Seeing the demand to change “with the wind.” Air requires total freedom to follow the leads of ones own curiosity.

fears of the air signs

  • Gemini fears being out of the loop; thus, being abandoned.

  • Libra fears making the wrong decision.

  • Aquarius fears losing their individuality.

too much air

When air is over functioning we experience “Analysis Paralysis.” Excessive intellectualizing leads us to live in our mind palace and never get anything accomplished. Ideas are entertained because of the sheer love of thinking. The mind is overactive, feeding a vivid imagination and supporting conceptual genius. Pay close attention and you’ll see the nervous system has become highly reactive and sensitive. As a result this system exhausts easily.

too little air

Not enough air results in an inability to detach oneself from a situation and be objective. This results in learning difficulties, issues with communication, as well with socializing. Air deficient people rarely see this as in issue; however, the mind does not know what it doesn’t know. There is a sense of superficiality to the individual in this condition and an inherent lack in ones ability to conceptualize the needs and limitations of the body.

healthy air

Evolved air knows when to talk and when to listen. It has a wealth of knowledge and can spot the appropriate time to impart it. Air is a natural teacher and is gifted with speaking to the unspeakable. Air, at its absolute best, has mastered how to quiet the mind and meditate. It is spacious, gracious, and at the same time inclusive.

Air Keywords: Intellectual; Rational; Observant; Detached; Cool or Cold; Communiciative; Reasonable; Witty and Clever; Versatile; Theoretical; Abstract; Engaged; Knowledgeable; Conceptual; Overly Intellectual; Removed from feeling; Verbose; Flight; Unreliable; Superficial; Inconsistent; Flighty; Gossipy; Heady; Unrealistic; Distant; Aloof; Insensitive; Ungrounded; Schizoid.

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