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Aspects: An Intro

Mia Manamea

Meet the Major Aspects

conjunction 0 - same sign

fused | united | act & think as one

sextile 60 - two signs away

think "sex" | stimulates | excites compliments

square 90 - three signs away

challenges | crossed agendas instigates action

trine 120 - four signs away

encourages | enhances | supports| easily understands

Aspects are the telephone lines planets use to talk with each other. On a birth chart they appear as red, blue, and sometimes green lines going from at least one planetary glyph to another. A blue line tell us that that the conversation is easy and supportive. A red line indicates a tense conversation where the planets not only have different perspectives and styles, but also conflicting goals. When two planets are linked by an aspect they are partnered for life. It is impossible to stimulate one planet without also stimulating the ones it's connected to.

As tempting as it may be refrain from labeling aspects "good" and "bad." It is more helpful and accurate to say " easy" (blue) and "challenging" (red).  Here's why: If two low-functioning planets are connected by a blue line, we may see support turn into enablement. It would be like having to alcoholics encouraging each other to drink more. Yes, they may be in the blue but they are obviously not "good." Red lines, with all their trouble, are packed with activation energy.Because they are so painful, we are forced to focus on them. It's as if those parts of our psyche are on fire. No matter how tired or unmotivated you may be, you will find the energy to extinguish it! Red lines are gold mines for growth. All in all it is not aspects themselves that are good or bad. Aspects just are. It is our job to work with and honor them wholly.

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