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Earth Element

Mia Manamea

Jan 1, 2023

as sensation

the purpose of earth

Whether it’s a vision, dream, or simply a plan, Earth energy wants to make it real. It represents our ability to create in the material world. Earth says, “If I can’t see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it, or make it, then it’s not real.” Period. This manifests into a personality with a deep attachment to permanence and stability. This is why Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are known to resist change. To them change represents a loss of control and predictability. As a result of their attachment to the material world, Earth suffers when things do not go as they planned or predicted.

recurring themes & wisdom

  • "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

  • Respecting and desiring physical representations of security (Money, career, comfy home)

  • Utilizing the five senses to make sense of the world. They are often kinesthetic learners.

  • Needing to be dependable, organized, future-focused, and on-time.

  • Valuing laws, systems, practicality, paperwork, and results.

fears of the earth signs

  • Taurus fears losing security, not being able to provide for oneself or loved ones.

  • Virgo fears imperfection, flaws, and oversights “that could have been avoided”, which are often justifiable representations of being a human.

  • Capricorn fears not being worthy of authority and respect in their community or workplace.

too much earth

Here we meet the work-horse. Someone whose self-worth is so tightly bound to their status, productivity, and results, that she has forgotten why she even started working in the first place. She loses the meaning of life in the details. Earth dominants (individuals with predominantly Earth signs/houses in their birth charts) can put off the impression that they’re organized, happy, and successful whilst inside they think the complete opposite. They become robotic; human doings rather than human beings. Being judgemental of others, silently critical of oneself, and addicted to crisis are key indicators that Earth energy is on overdrive. Their body will absorb this disharmony through either eating too much or not eating enough.

too little earth

When someone does not have or activate Earth energy there are plenty of ideas or feelings but no action. They are either swirling in the winds of their intellect, swimming in the ocean of emotions, or sitting on all these half-finished projects. There is a noticeable inability to birth dreams into realities. In a word these individuals are simply ungrounded. Their space can be disorganized and chaotic. There is no regard for established plans, showing up on-time, or finishing tasks after the initial rush of excitement ends.

healthy earth

Earth energy at it’s best meets the needs of the world without ignoring the needs of oneself. It is ambitious and striving, yet does not attach its self-worth to its level of productivity. It knows when to stop and accept what is. Evolved Earth understands that whilst life has its demands, it also offers plenty of opportunities for pleasure and fun.

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