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Intro to Elements

Mia Manamea

Mar 18, 2023

the fuel

Every expression and all behavior finds its roots in one of the four elements (Fire, earth, air, and water). They are the fuelof existence and thus our starting point for studying astrology. Each element represents how a particular energy is expressed. Fire represents intuition. Earth represents human sensation. Air is our thinking function. And water is ouremotional body.

Whilst these energies are readily available to us at all times, we don't always choose - or know how - to use them for our greatest good. Typically, every individual has one or two elements that she embodies well. We can call this her "dominant element." On the other hand, it is equally as common to find an element debilitated or weakly represented in a birth chart. It does not mean that the native will never be able to express or "do" that element, but rather that utilizing that function will require more conscious effort and practice.

The goal is to exercise each of the four elements everyday to keep yourself in alignment and balance. In this chapter we will explore the function and form of each of the four elements.

Tip: As you read be sure to make connections between the elements and the characteristics of people in your life.

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