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Understanding Jupiter

Mia Manamea

Jupiter: A Cheat Sheet

Beliefs | Optimism | Gifts | Positivity | Overindulgence

The Agent of

Truth and wisdom

Finding meaning & existence

Hope, faith, & trust

Morality, ethics, & belief in a higher power

Psychological Function

This is the part of our psyche that whispers, “Try one more time” after our 100th fail. It is our abiding faith and trust in the intelligence of the Universe.

Verbs Associated

To believe; Hypothesize; Prophesies; Moralize; Preach; Predict; Judge; Speculate; Teach; Deduce; Expand; Counsel; Travel; Broaden; Overestimate;; Overdo; Advertise; Sell; Exaggerate; Generalize

What does this planet represent?

Jupiter is your good luck charm. It’s the planet astrologists look to when we want to see where the gifts lie in someone's chart. Anything that Jupiter touches it enhances-- which wants to work in your benefit but may also significantly contribute to your demise if not aligned with higher purpose and guides.

Gifts vs. Overindulgence

Being the Big Daddy of the zodiac, Jupiter is all about making things bigger, faster, and stronger. It is one of the "Great benefics" in astrology, and gifts us with a larger than life attitude wherever it falls. It inspires us to learn more, teach more, and truly appreciate all the colorful shades of life. In every way imaginable Jupiter expands our understanding through physically traveling, widening our perspectives, and crafting our own personal philosophy.

When it's out of whack it leads us to overindulge in all things pleasure. Instead of seeing and accepting reality for what it is, it uses toxic positivity to dismiss critical initiations to grow. It, in so many words, is responsible for our biggest bluffs.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

Jupiter has a natural affinity to Sagittarius and Pisces. It is exalted or happiest, in Cancer.

When in Gemini or Virgo, Jupiter is in its detriment. It falls in Capricorn.

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