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Understanding Mars

Mia Manamea

Mars: A Cheat Sheet

What we're willing to fight for, and how we are going to fight for it.

The Agent of

Action or doing

Autonomy and independence


Liberty, will, & drive

Psychological Function

Mars represents one ability to feel alive. This planet wants to avoid laziness or deadness. Mars wants to keep moving.

Verbs Associated

Act or do; Start or endeavor; Aggression, Drive; Survive; instinct; Libido instinct; Excite and initiate

What does this planet represent?

Mars is the planet of the warrior. It represents how we fight and what we are willing to fight for. It's our raw animal instinct. The sign it falls in will tell you how this energy is expressed.

Strong vs. Weak Mars

When Mars is healthy it is vitality at its finest. It’s the Yin, the essence of life. It courageously starts new projects and is willing to go to war to see them through. It expends energy in such a way that the individual feels rejuvenated. When Mars is unhealthy or struggling, it’s lost all drive and motivation. It fights with itself to activate, often wasting all its energy teetering in indecision.

Healthy Mars: Just Do It.

Unhealthy Mars: Just Don’t.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

Mars has a natural affinity to Aries and Scorpio.

It is exalted or happiest in Capricorn.

When in Taurus or Libra, Mars is in its detriment.

It falls in Cancer.

Aries: Assertive; Intuitive; Instinctual; Beastly; Animalistic; Fighter; Impulsive and spontaneous; Act first, think as you go; "At home" in this sign;

Taurus: Slow and steady; Incredible staying power; Surprisingly inflexible and stubborn; Calm and controlled until provoked; Earthy and sensual; Raging temper once mad; Strong and potentially burly; gemini: Needs to stay stimulated to maintain energy; Lazy when there’s nothing to do; Energy is scattered and unfocused; Passionate about language and words; Wants to talk when riled up; Fidgety; May enjoy puzzles and board games; Gifted with adaptability and dexterity.

Cancer: Passive aggressive; Receptive rather than active; Energy supply depends largely on how they feel; Protective and nurturing; The “Mama bear”; Overly sensitive; Happiest exerting energy when with community, family, or friends; Calm strength; Fights for who and what they love.

Leo: Channels energy towards creative endeavors; Yearns to be appreciated for what they accomplish; Not against taking risks, but there needs to be solid reason; Have a specific life purpose in mind; Driven and intentional with energy; Loves sex and romance; Somewhat aggressively demand loyalty.

Virgo: Busy bee’s; Excellent multi-tasker; Goal-oriented; Critical and analytical; Easily nervous; Prone to restlessness; Energy is stimulated through chores, tasks, and work projects; Worried about measuring up; Humble; Embodies and respects humility.

Libra: Think first, act later (probably much later); Indecisive; Strives for equality, justice, and fairness in all exchanges; Love playing innocent when challenged; Coy and charming; Conflict avoidant; Ability to predict problems way ahead of time; Masters of being passive aggressive; A leader, but needs others to delegate tasks to.

Scorpio: Focused; Driven; A fierce opponents; Wants to accomplish the impossible; Obsessive; Craves total power; Uncomfortable with compromise; “Black and white” views; Stimulated by challenges; Animalistic; Emotionally impenetrable; Vicious and twisted when self-esteem is low; Provocative and provoking, especially in youth.

Sagittarius: Likes to have many things going on but struggles to finish; Quick to run and change directions entirely; Adventurous; Fiery; Excited about life; Spontaneous; Like doing things BIG; Optimistic and attracted to “positive vibes”; Playful; Loves to “Wing it”; Loves a good debate; Everything done with a warm heart, but may unintentionally hurt people's feelings; Very persuasive; Here for a good time, not a long time; Enjoys sexual freedom.

Capricorn: Goal-oriented; Strong self-discipline; Extremely controlled and focused; Takes measured steps; Every movement serves a purpose; Hard working; Struggles to let things go; Wants to maintain composure and power; Strong desires backed with impressive endurance.

Aquarius: Quirky; Unique; Expect the unexpected with these people; They usually surprise people; Open-minded, but not easily swayed; Stubborn; Committed to their ideas, and seeing them develop; Progressive; Forward thinker; Rebellious and defiant when necessary; Sexually stimulated by intelligence and ideas; Noticeably detached physically and emotionally; Clever at getting what they want, and how they want it; Freedom giving and seeking;

Pisces: “Let go and let God.” Understanding; Mild temper; Instinctively gentle; Lets life happen rather than trying to make it happen; Wouldn’t hurt a fly, but feels emotions profoundly; Expresses oneself through art, poetry, and music; Compassion and love are what they fight for; Escapist tendencies-- daydreaming, imagining solutions-- but not applying them.

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