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Understanding Mercury

Mia Manamea

Mercury: A Cheat Sheet

The Agent of

Information (News, books, literature, poems); Mental Stimulation; Learning Style

Knowledge; Communication Perception & Understanding Discrimination; Problem solving; Improvement; Usefulness

Psychological Function

This is our ability to perceive, think, and reason. It’s job is to witness what’s happening, understand it, craft an opinion, and communicate itself back out to the world.

Verbs Associated

To Study; Educate; Analyze; Systemize; Classify; Organize; Observe; Notice; Question; Criticize; Find Fault; Maintain; Improve; Inquire; Inspire; Speak; Listen; Remember; Recount

What does this planet represent?

Mercury represents the mind. It is how a person thinks, communicates, perceives, and learns. The sign that mercury falls into will color the “glasses” through which the native sees and processes the world. It also highlights someone’s type of intelligence.When you see the word, “Mercury,” think “Mind.”

Mercury Blooming vs. Doom-ing

When Mercury is healthy it is aware of one's mental strengths and blindspots but it doesn't judge. The mind embraces (rather than criticizes) the way it learns, perceives, and processes information. It does not try to conform to society's expectations or dare to reject its personal perspective. Ones thoughts contribute to society in a way that is positive, uplifting, and personal.

When Mercury isn’t functioning properly it falls prey to the shadow side of the sign it is in. It could become obsessive, too narrowly focused, too broad minded, or aloof. Whatever the sign, the mind is stubborn and holds fast to the past rather than transforming to fit the current situation. If the native is paying close attention s/he will discover that the minds thoughts are rooted in fear.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

Mercury has a natural affinity to Gemini. It is exalted or happiest, in Virgo. When in Sagittarius or Pisces, Mercury is in its detriment. It falls in Pisces.

Mercury Through The Signs

Aries: Direct and to the point with communication; Excellent at initiating things with their mind, but has a questionable follow through; Short attention span; Likes to argue; Courageous conversationalist; A pioneering mind; Tries to stay organized;

Taurus: Deliberate and organized with their decisions; Slow to make a choice, but once committed is very stubborn; Intuitive mind; Slow learners because they’re focused the details— they master what they learn; As children they may be falsely prescribed with a learning disability; Being so grounded, they often want to “build” something; Often kinesthetic or tactile learners.

Gemini: Quick-witted; Fast thinker; Juggles many ideas simultaneously without dropping a ball; Always asking questions & seeking answers; Gifted student; An eternal student who loves reading and learning; Communicative; Amusing & charming with words; Gets irritated when others don’t think or talk quickly enough; Seemingly superficial (doesn’t like going deep); Thirsty for mental stimulation.

Cancer: Photographic memory; Thoughts are tied to the emotional experience; Reactive and flowing; Never forgets a thing; Eats when anxious or in need of comfort; Can shut down when threatened; Thinking is non-linear; Colorful imagination.

Leo: Dramatic and immensely creative; Likes to talk and be heard; Fun and spontaneous mindset; Diligent, hard working, and focused; Thinks about the way the presents themselves and how they’re received; Willful.

Virgo: Detail oriented; Worry wort; Clear thought process; Excellent analysts; Thinks and speaks fast; Gifted learners; Looks for things and ideas that don’t make sense and corrects the; Structured and organized

Libra: Indecisive; Views things from all angles; Natural mediators; Uses language with precision; Interested in labels and ingredients; Collects information; A busy mind that catches everything; Hard to settle down; Pays attention to colors and smells.

Scorpio: An investigative mind; Deep and intense thoughts; Excellent with budgeting and numbers; Secretive and obsessive thoughts; Penetrating focus; Communication is blunt and to the point; Values honesty.

Sagittarius: Big picture thinkers; Suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome; Sarcastic; Blunt; Funny; Optimistic; Quick thinkers; Doesn’t focus on details; Scatterbrained; Mouth is full of opinions; Likes to learn; A natural philosopher.

Capricorn: Incredibly disciplined; High standards; One-track mind; Focused and determined; Slow and steady, but efficient; Natural manifestors; Sophisticated; Business-minded; Stubborn and insists on correctness; aquarius: Natural born genius; Innovative thinking; Unique self-expression; Forward thinker; Quick and big picture thinker; Loves to offer a different opinion; Scores “intellectual points”; Follows their intellectual agenda; Scientific or metaphysical interests; Unorthodox approach to studying and learning.

Pisces: Daydreamers; Thinks in metaphors, imagery, and similes; When they speak it sounds like poetry; Visionaries at heart; Gifted in the arts; Natural connection to spirit (or that which is unseen); Doesn’t think about things but feels about them; Surprisingly tactful with communication; Sensitive to what they say and how they say it; Can’t juggle multiple concepts at once; Struggles to think rationally, though tries.

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