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Understanding Neptune

Mia Manamea

Neptune - A Cheat Sheet

The Agent of

Transcendence of duality

Oneness & forgiveness Charity



Psychological Function

Neptune is here to provide blissful and transcendent experiences. It wants us to reconnect with spirit, source, and the Universe. It teaches us, through fogging our perspective, to go inside ourselves to find the answers.

Verbs Associated

To: Sacrifice; Surrender; Selflessly love; Accept and allow; Elevate (spiritually); Imagine; Envision; Dissolve or distort; Fantasize; Enchant; Beguile; Idealize; Dream; Inspire; Rescue; Empathize; Sympathize; Self-Martyr; Intuit and channel; Escape.

What does this planet represent?

Neptune represents the dreamer, the visionary, and the shape shifter. It fogs and clouds our perspective in effort to arouse our imagination and creativity. It’s the part of you that wants to connect to spirit, the universe, your gut instinct, and art or poetry. Anything that Neptune touches, it dissolves like water. Things are never quite clear with this planet, and because of this it can be shockingly poisonous-- especially when in aspect to the sun, moon, or ascendant. The house Neptune falls in will tell you where someone is wearing rose colored glasses. The functionality of that house is constantly in flux, like the tides of the ocean.

Transcendance vs. Delusion

This energy is notorious for blurring the lines, creating illusions, and whipping up drama! Like alcohol and drugs, it can have a disorienting effect that makes it hard to stay in reality. When Neptune is healthy it goes deep within (via dreams, meditation, art) to heal others and seek the answers to some of life's biggest questions. When unhealthy it numbs out, drinks excessively, does drugs, and tries to escape very real responsibilities. It uses self-martyrdom to feed a victim complex buried in the subconscious.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

Neptune has a natural affinity to Pisces. It is exalted or happiest, in Leo. When in Virgo, Neptune is in its detriment. It falls in Aquarius.

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