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Understanding Saturn

Mia Manamea

Saturn: A Cheat Sheet

The Agent of

Great work


Order & Organization Accomplishments

Authority & Control


Psychological Function

An ambitious planet that exercises extreme authority in effort to keep us on top of our game. A sense of responsibility, and self control must be developed to keep Saturn happy.

Verbs Associated

To: achieve; Constrict; Restrict; Obstruct; Over function; Try too hard or obsess; Slow or delay; Block; Manage; Plan; Systemize; Produce; Be prudent; Perfect; Master; Concentrate; Mature; Control; Execute; Commit

What does this planet represent?

Saturn is the taskmaster. Now, don’t confuse with the master of multitasking. This is the planet that ensures things are getting done and getting done properly. Astrologists often refer to it as, “The Cold Father” or “The Principal.” Because of these “boring” attributes it is often overlooked. That is, until a Saturn transit happens (AKA when all hell seems to be breaking loose). Saturn is all about rules, so write this one down and memorize it: Saturn is not to be ignored. It will teach us some of the hardest lessons, and therefore offers us the greatest rewards in return. The sign and house it falls into will tell you what an individual must constantly and consistently work on in order to “pass the test.”

Honor Roll vs. Detention

As mentioned, Saturn is the principle. It's here to keep you on track and accountable. When one is doing the work assigned, Saturn honors you successes in great ways. When you are ignoring your "homework" or not putting forth the required effort, it becomes the cold father who puts you on a hard timeout so you can think about what you've done. That's a nice way of saying Saturn knows how to put you on your ass! No one is exempt from Saturns powers and authority.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

Saturn has a natural affinity to Capricorn and Aquarius. It is exalted or happiest, in Libra .When in Cancer or Leo, Saturn is in its detriment. It falls in Aries.

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