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Understanding the Moon

Mia Manamea

The Moon: A Cheat Sheet

The Agent of

Loving and nurturing

Sense of belonging and safety

Emotional closeness & security


Psychological Function

This is a receptive function. The part of us that instinctively listens, remembers, and cares. It is how we have been and will continue to receive and give love “Love language”

Verbs Associated

To protect | To love unconditionally | To feel | To hear and react | To listen and sympathize | To nurture/be nurtured

What does this planet represent?

In the real world we live by the sun and moon. They are equally as powerful and important. When the sun is up we’re energized, action-oriented, and conscious. When the moon rises we’re at home with ourselves, who we love, and for the most part asleep (unconscious). The moon in your birth chart represents something quite similar. The moon tells us about our unconscious mind, what we need to feel loved, safe, and nurtured. It is our emotional temperament.

When The Moon is Nurtured vs. Starved

As I stated earlier, the moon represents our non-negotiables in life and love. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that our sense of living a happy and fulfilling life bank on how well we feed our moon.

A moon that is well fed (as determined by the sign it falls in) we feel comfortable in our skin, feel loved, and ultimately trust the world is a safe place. We are content, giving, and healthy in mind and body.

When the moon’s needs are suppressed, ignored, or starved, we exhibit very clear signs of rebellion in the mind and body. Dis(ease) arises in the form of obsessive compulsive tendencies (OCD), eating disorders (binge eating, anorexia), hoarding money or material goods (earth moons, especially), and codependency. Though the moon is not being fed, its demand does not disappear-- it enlarges.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

The Moon has a natural affinity to Cancer.

It is exalted or happiest in Taurus.

When in Capricorn, the Moon is in its detriment.

It falls in Scorpio.

What Your Moon Sign Needs

Aries: Challenge, novelty, passion, autonomy, and a sense of aliveness.

Taurus: Material comforts, a sense of security, affection, authentic beauty, and devotion.

Gemini: Communication, stimulating ideas, dialogue, and freedom. Someone who they can have a “meeting of the minds” with.

Cancer: Safety, a family and trustworthy group of friends, nurturance, a comfy home, and reassurance of love.

Leo: Attention, affection, applause, joy, playfulness, respect, and a position of leadership.

Virgo: To be helpful or of service, plenty of mental stimulation, a lengthy to-do list, situations that require keen analysis, and someone who is strong and reliable.

Libra: Equality, justice, beauty, elevated peace (aka luxury), tasteful clothing and style, and quality food + pairings.

Scorpio: Intensity, privacy, soul bonding, merging, proven loyalty, and trust.

Sagittarius: Conquests, education, adventure, wisdom, variety, and freedom from any commitment that inhibits them in any way.

Capricorn: Greatness, status, a legendary life, experiences that encourage a sense of ambition and hard work, as well as solitude. These folks can have spurts of depression and melancholy.

Aquarius: Friendship, a cause that benefits humanity, autonomy, and the freedom to be rebellious.

Pisces: Compassion, escapism, meditation, daydreaming, and fantasy. This sounds lofty and can be judged as unimportant. However, these people are visionaries at heart who carry the same energy that Disney and Pixar are founded on.

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