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Understanding the Sun

Mia Manamea

Mar 20, 2023

The Agent of

Identity and validation | Self Esteem | Sanity, or Insanity | Self-Image | Vitality | Healing Journey |


Psychological Function

To express oneself authentically with will, intention, and creativity in effort to build an ego that feeds itself and the soul.

Verbs Associated

To express or create | To defend oneself (Self-esteem) | To select or choose | “The buck ends here.” | To decide or intend

What does this planet represent?

The sun in our solar system holds everything together, in fact, all the other planets revolve around it. The same is true of the sun in someone’s birth chart. The sun is someone’s ego, persona, and core energy. The sign it falls in will tell you which kinds of lessons, experiences, and people an individual will naturally attract throughout his or her life. When someone is “doing” their sun, they are a fairly sane person. Likewise when one is not following their call, they do not feel like themselves; thus, insane.

When The Sun is Shining vs. Diminished

When we are “doing” our sun we are confident in who we are. We trust in our ability to explore the world and innerselves. We are walking along our path with arms open and eyes wide. We feel energized and excited about who we are. We shine!

When we fail to meet the sun’s demands, all the other planets in our internal solar system fall out of place. We don’t know who we are and lack the confidence to figure it out. We do not trust life or the experiences we’re subjected to. It feels as if we’re a stranger in our own bodies. Which, in turn, births a feeling of insanity.

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

The sun has a natural affinity to Leo. It is exalted or happiest, in Aries. When in Aquarius, the sun is in its detriment. It falls in Libra.

Can you guess why this is? Remember, the sun represents the healing journey, the ego, and the expression of oneself. Leo and Aries are both signs which naturally focus on self-development and practice unapologetic self-expression. Therefore, the sun can easily accomplish its goal. Aquarius and Libra, on the other hand, are other-oriented signs. These signs need the presence of another person or a cause to actualize oneself. In turn, the sun feels disempowered and reliant on others. It cannot effectively reach its goal alone.

Core Values for Each Sign

Aries: Developing courage in oneself and one's own ability; Directness; Learning the proper use of force.

Taurus: Embodying calmness and serenity; Learning to accept that which arises naturally.

Gemini: Feeding one’s curiosity; Remaining open minded; Stimulating and positive conversations; Developing a willingness to listen.

Cancer: Being gentle; Providing and accepting nurturance; Accepting human frailty.

Leo: Proper use of forthrightness; Exercising creativity and spontaneous self-expression; A continuous need of theatrics.

Virgo: Being of service/helpful; Acquiring useful skills; Groundedness and practicality; The practice of purifying oneself and one’s environment.

Libra: Attaining the skills needed to create and maintain peace; Practicing teamwork and collaboration; Learning to see and appreciate the beauty in life.

Scorpio: Developing honesty; Wrestling with one’s shadowside; Courageous emotional investigation; Uncovering the meaning of life, a relationship, or a situation.

Sagittarius: Crafting a personal philosophy or belief system; Feeding the thirst for higher education; Unwavering commitment to mind, body, and soul stretching experiences.

Capricorn: Building unbreakable self-discipline; Defining and embodying integrity; Establishing objective accomplishments.

Aquarius: Courageously chasing individuation; Remaining open to unusual experiences and people; Escaping from the status quo.

Pisces: Meditation; Learning when and how to surrender; Remaining open and receptive to mystical experiences.

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