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Understanding Uranus

Mia Manamea

Uranus: A Cheat Sheet

Change | Progress | Upheaval | Destruction | Liberation

The Agent of

Revelations and awakenings

Developing a worldly perspective

Progress, change, & revolution

Illumination & enlightenment

Revolution and liberation

Psychological Function

This planet brings unexpected, unwanted, but necessary change. It shatters attachments to people, places, structures, and beliefs to set us free. It is the source of our greatest revelations.

Verbs Associated

To: Reveal; Shock; Enlighten; Agitate; Electrify; Disrupt; Rupture; Break-up or break away; Startle; Destabilize; Separate; Release; Liberate; Change; Reform; Rebuild; Awaken; Emancipate; Invent; Innovate.

What does this planet represent?

In tarot, Aquarius and Uranus are represented by The Tower card. This is because it's erratic energy shakes us at the foundation of our being with seemingly little to no warming. Kind of like an Earthquake where everything we know crumbles to the ground right before our eyes. We can dig our heels into the dirt and curse the heavens for as long as we want in dismay, but eventually we will have to start rebuilding something better. This is the gift of Uranus: change, progress, liberation, and clarity.

The house Uranus falls into will tell you in which area one is likely to experience unexpected change consistently. It is where and how we'll fly our freak flag. Transiting Uranus will also bring upheaval to anything it touches or aspects. People with strong Aquarius or Uranus in their natal chart often feel like an outsider or the black sheep no matter who they're around. They do not fit in nor do they feel compelled to even try.

Revolutionary vs. Rebel Without A Cause

Uranus is like lightening. It doesn't strike often but when it does it roars across the sky and leaves its mark. It is the instant strike of light in the previously dark sky. It sparks new ideas that are rooted in ones liberation. It breaks the rules andshatters structures for a necessary and greater purpose. Whereas at its worst, this energy doesn't know what to do with its impulses, so it rebels in inappropriate, unproductive, and meaningless ways (breaking dress code at work).

Natural placement, rise, fall, and detriment?

Uranus has a natural affinity to Aquarius. It is exalted or happiest, in Scorpio. When in Leo, Uranus is in its detriment. It falls in Taurus.

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