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Water Element

Mia Manamea

Jan 1, 2023

as feeling

the purpose of water

Water aims to connect, love and be loved in return. Like water on Earth, water dominant people absorb, blend with, and unify with whatever they touch. Cancer’s love is nurturing, personal, and protective. Scorpio loves to penetrate, blend with, and share intimately with others. Whilst Pisces ends the water cycle by transcending personal, erotic, and social love by offering selfless, universal compassion that sees no boundaries or limits. Water has a strong resemblance to Jung’s description of the feeling function.

recurring themes & wisdom

  • Learn the skills necessary to handle the sensitivity you were born with.

  • Let go of memories and childhood experiences (negative or positive)

  • Integrate your unconscious hunches into the conscious mind through exploring dreams and symbolism.

  • Establish boundaries. Ask yourself, “Is this emotion mine to carry?”

fears through the water signs

  • Cancer fears not belonging to a family (chosen or blood) and rejection.

  • Scorpio fears betrayal of trust, being violated, exiled due to perceptions “badness,” and abuse.

  • Pisces suffers from constantly comparing the reality we live in to their ideal world. The fear is that the world they visualize is unattainable. There can be a sense of victimization or tragedy as a result.

healthy water

Evolved water serves to cleanse, heal, and purge. It accepts, processes, and integrates the lesson of the emotional experience into the psyche. It allows the internal transformation to happen, and then chooses to release it. It also understands that it is okay (and necessary) to let go of the past. As a result, the individual returns to becoming an open, weightless vessel.

too much water

When we have too much water it can go one of two ways: We drown in it or freeze it to protect ourselves. In either case we're being dealt more than we can handle which points to an overall lack of boundaries.

When water goes cold, the body feels the freeze burn. The repressed or unaddressed emotions manifest as physical illness or self-harm. We get sick easily or often. Paranoia and phobias may suddenly arise. At the core we are afraid of our emotions and feel ill-equipped to handle them so we create situations in which we need attention and rescuing without actually having to ask for it.

too little water

When there is little to no water we see one who is out of touch with feelings, or who may participate in vicarious feeling relationships where they “get off” to the feelings of others. The emotional rapport is low, and the individual appears cold, aloof, or uncaring. There is an obvious absence of intimacy.

Keywords: sensitive; vulnerable; receptive; reactive; emotional; sympathetic; empathetic; unifying; connected; absorbing; healing; oversensitive; overemotional; tragic; manipulative; rescuing; unclear; needy; smothering; chaotic; helpless; iIllogical; irrational; undefined; clinging; martyr syndrome.

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