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A Soft Intro to Rising Signs

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Why is your rising sign important?

The rising sign is arguably my favorite point on a birth chart. It’s regularly referred to as “the mask” because it protects and conceals the rest of the chart. Whilst this is not the only way to think of it, the idea fits and works just fine for a beginners mind. Your rising sign is the mask, the face, the persona, that you show the world.

Surprisingly enough, this is also your energy in the purest and highest form because this point also represents the journey of your soul. The sign it falls in will lay out the kinds of experiences, people, situations, and lessons you will attract in order to complete your soul's journey.

Notice which mask you’ve been cosmically assigned. Instead of judging yourself for wearing one, thinking it conceals your truest nature, consider how it grants you the opportunity to speak to the parts of you that have been voiceless (desires, hopes & wishes, your uninhibited identity). Do not feel like an imposter for everyone is wearing a mask and shape shifting as they too come to learn who they are. What if the mask you wear wasn’t something to frown upon, but was accepted as an inner point of inspiration, growth, and soul expression? Let your rising sign be your #goals. Below you'll find brief descriptions about your particular rising sign to get your mind going. Enjoy!

If you don't know your rising sign, go to and fill out the required information to compute a birth chart. The time of birth must be precise.


Wants to tackle things head on, even if they don’t know how it’s going to work out. The soul wants to learn to trust in one's own capabilities, skills, and gut instinct. Your soul is a warrior.


Nothing is done in a hurry. They interact and react to life by making things comfortable. Whether it’s through comfy materials, creature comforts, the arts, or music/singing, they are here to create peace. Your soul is an Earth Goddess.


Who? What? When? Where? They deal with the world by trying to learn from it. Their gift and responsibility is to ask the right questions and lead discussions in the proper direction. There are here to teach us. Your soul is a Magician.


Even if they’re a Sagittarius sun, this isn’t a soul that’s easily trusting or inviting. Relationships with this rising sign are earned and preserved for the long-haul. They become defensive and prickly when someone threatens who and what they love. Your soul is The Protector.


Leo rising wants to take control of and manage situations like the royalty they are. No matter what they’re doing, *pay attention!* They’ll need reassurance through receiving attention, appreciation, and applause for their “performance” here on earth. Your soul is The Performer.


These people have a knack for figuring out how to make your life better via helping you. They want to organize things— especially chaos. Take their criticism as constructive feedback + let them purify your world. Your soul is the Angel.


This soul wants to create and maintain a sense of elevated peace (aka a luxuriously easy and beautiful lifestyle). It can feel as if the state of the soul is determined by the environment it’s currently in. Because of this Libra will need to refrain from fabricating peace and people pleasing tendencies, as they’re merely bandaids on a deep cut. Your soul is the Chief of Justice.


Intensity pours out of every pore. They’re no nonsense people who just want to get to the truth of the matter. As invasive as they may be towards others, they go to extreme lengths to protect their true identity and feelings. This soul is so intense and guarded because it’s been so profoundly wounded. Healing is the name of the game. Your soul is the Phoenix.


Sag risings have a larger than life personality and because of this are likely to come out winning. They inspire and motivate change, movement, and travel. This is the true Gypsy soul that will always need travel, spontaneity, sunshine, and FUN. Your soul is the Gypsy.


There is a shyness here that’s at odds with their gigantic capacity to succeed. This soul is wise beyond its years and, with a little encouragement, can craft the most brilliant plan— though ridiculously realistic for common folk. This souls greatest work will be its own evolution, which can only be seen fully in the privacy of ones own mind. Your soul is the Boss, babe.


A trailblazer. A rebel. A genius or a criminal? Who knows. This is a soul that naturally disagrees with the norm— sometimes for no good reason at all. It‘s here to wake the rest of us up and help society move out of old patterns + establish new ones. You can guarantee the road less traveled will always be the right road for you, babe! Your soul is the Outlaw or the Genius (often both).


A gentle, loving, and compassionate soul. Pisces risings are extremely vulnerable to their environments, and may opt to run away or hide when things get rough. They are here to comprehend and make use of their extreme psychic sensitivity— or it will drown them. Your soul is the Mystic.

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