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✨ February Messages For Your Zodiac Sign✨

CARDS: The Fates, The Cave, The Shadow, Queen of Swords

Aries: A truth no Aries ever wants to hear: Sometimes you don’t get what you want because what you want isn’t what’s best for you. It’s probably not even worthy of you, tbh. And you know it, too. Right now is a time to take refuge in the deepest cave in your heart, and ask why you crave things that don’t work for you. Though this month may be dark, I see you sheltering yourself with self-love and total compassion. The Universe wants you to look in the mirror, and realize how you are selling yourself short.

CARDS: By the Book, The Flame, Spiritual Union, Death

Taurus: There are flames of passion lit inside each and every one of us. It’s our job to protect them from going out, no matter how harshly the winds are blowing outside. Understand that when you stay aware and a steward of these soul passions, the Divine Laws of the Universe are working to correct any disharmony in your life. You are being called to greater heights, and all you need to do to get there is go back to the basics. Slow down and keep your ears open. Your higher self is whispering what to do next.

CARDS: All That Glitters, Throat Chakra, The Kiss, Four of Pentacles

Gemini: There is a delicious opportunity right before you. Whether this is an opportunity at work or with another person, it’s surely sparkling with temptation. There is this idea of: If I partner with ______, I will become wealthier/greater/powerful. It’s natural to want to acquire the trappings of status— but is something better just because it sparkles? Spirit wants you to remember that not everything that glitters is gold. It’s time to see beyond adornments, behind titles and status, and question not only your agenda but the agenda of those who are making this offering. If it costs you your peace, it’s not worth it.

CARDS: Two of Swords, Hope, Conflict & Chaos, Anima Mundi

Cancer: Whether you stand as a pillar of peace or agent of chaos is a choice you will continually have to make. Your connection to the Divine is especially strong this month, and aims to support you through the chaotic times. Why hold onto your hopes when you can sing them into existence? The Universe’s ear is listening closely to what you have to say right now.

CARDS: Higher Power, Truth, The Sun, Kairos

Leo: There is a sense of timelessness here. It’s as if the alarm clock goes off, and you are totally disconnected from time. You are living in a nonlinear world where you are being lead by divine timing. You have learned that no earthly clock can guide you. In fact, there is something much greater — call it your higher self or the Universe — driving you to take specific actions (or inactions). At the same time, there is a call to make peace with your past so your soul can stand firmly on Earth again. You have a job to do here. The opportunities available to you right now will change the trajectory of your life.

CARDS: The Dead End, Moving On, Two of Wands, Regeneration

Virgo: You’re at a fork in the road. Thankfully, you can clearly see where both paths lead. If you go left, you’ll arrive at a dead but familiar end. And if you turn right, there’s an opportunity to start all over again. Honor the part of you that wants to see new places, meet new people, and experience joy! Focus less on what your moving away from, and more on what you’re moving toward. The message is clear here: You deserve a new beginning.

CARDS: Blessings, The Poet, Strength, Third Eye Chakra Libra: The Universe seems to be collecting timeless truths from the darkest corners of the world, and depositing them into your third eye. You see clearly now things that people spend their whole lives trying to conceive. You are blessed this month with an even higher consciousness. And with this blessing comes the responsibility to turn these hard truths into poetry for the masses. Be mindful of your words, as they may ring true for centuries to come.

CARDS: New Beginnings, The Destroyer, Why?, Four of Wands

Scorpio: Contrary to what our hearts want to believe, permanence is not a signifier of success. A part of you wants something to end. Honor it. Use your life-force energy to destroy the dependence you have on the things, behaviors, and people who make you weak. Do this and the Universe will reward you with a fucking incredible new beginning.

CARDS: Divine Wisdom, Loyal Heart, Gnosis, Love Begins Sagittarius: As you know, true knowledge isn’t found in facts and figures. It arises from a heartfelt experience. There is something you’ve felt — be it in dreams, visions, or sparks of imagination — that your heart remains loyal to. It’s as if you are “downloading” all the truths every character in your family line has ever learned, and you are feeling compelled to do something with their wisdom. There is a newfound love for honoring, sharing, and defending your truth. You’re getting all the answers you need, but in mysterious and almost inexplainable ways. Trust the nudge.

CARDS: Sacrifice, The Ring, Three of Pentacles, Imagine Capricorn: What you’re imagining is literally manifesting itself right before your very eyes. Are you happy with what you see? If you aren’t, ask yourself: Who do I want to be? What do I need to believe in order to have the life I want? Powerful achievements are in the stars/in the cards for you, so long as you’re willing to sacrifice the thoughts and behaviors that keep you trapped in fear.

CARDS: The Mirror, Six of Pentacles, Breathe, Patience & Planning

Aquarius: We look into mirrors everyday without ever recognizing them as portals into another realm. They distort, shatter, flatter, reflect, and project an image back to us that we deem true. The issue right now isn’t in what you’re seeing, but rather how much you’re seeing. Your insights and visions are overwhelming you, birthing an unrealistic expectation that you should be doing everything at one time. Do nothing. When your activation energy is this charged, it’s an indicator that you’re feeling out of control and not trusting the Universe. Let the mirror stand empty and sit with the one inside for now.

CARDS: The Mountain, The Magician, Material & Spiritual Prosperity, Exchange Gifts Pisces: The only thing more exciting than realizing you’re a fucking magician is witnessing the miracles that happen when you share your gifts with the world around you. Sharing all that you are takes nothing away from you. Right now, you’re being called “climb your mountain”, to feel inspired and enlivened by a soul-calling. Just remember that the gems, minerals, and jewels aren’t found at the top but in the soil along the way.

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