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Natal Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Moon

The Moon represents your emotional body. It’s what an astrologer looks to when they want to understand what you need to feel happy, safe, and nurtured. The Moon is also the part of you that determines whether someone or a situation is trustworthy. In a breath, your moon sign will explain what your non-negotiables in life are.

*Note: Your Moon sign is rarely the same as your Sun sign. To find out what your Moon sign is simply run your birth chart online using your birth date, time and location*


The previous sign, Libra, was all about taking two sides of a situation and mediating a peaceful compromise.

Scorpio is over that. You want to see people and things for what they really are, scars and all. You’re looking for the truisms of life, but not in a logical sense that an air sign would (think of Gemini and Aquarius). Rather, you want to feel the truth in your gut. It’s almost like you have this alter ego as a psychologist. You have a heightened awareness when it comes to assessing people’s motivations, emotions, and anything else they try to keep hidden. This is likely a gift that resulted from your troubling childhood. Scorpio moons tend to have an emotionally intense childhood that groomed them to be strong and persevering. The truths you held in your younger years are the same truths that would shatter a grown adults psyche.

Transformation and healing are important to you. At your best, you’re a masterful counselor because you not only study others behaviors but you’re actively examining your own. You’re the type of person who when faced with an issue will obsess about it until you’ve understood and mastered it. As you mature you'll learn to turn around and help others struggling in similar situations. This ability is powerful when taken to the social level. It’s not that you’re afraid or feel intimidated by your demons, either. Fear isn’t running the show. You know everyone has skeletons in their closet. So why not just look and see what’s going on?

You also have an interesting relationship to sex and death. Sounds kind of strange but you don’t only use sex to express passion but also to exercise control over your partner. Sex is a tool you use to gain power and escape feelings of loneliness. That sounds negative and manipulative, and a low functioning Scorpio does fall into these power games. However, high functioning Scorpio knows that sex is the ultimate expression of raw, naked, intimacy. Above all else, that is what you want from your lover. It’s also through sex that you release built-up toxic emotions. It's almost a healthy form of therapy or meditation for you because it helps you center yourself. I wouldn’t put it past you to use sex as a means to release anger or get revenge on a previous partner, either.

In whole, you’re an emotionally intense person who learned the hard way that sharing your feelings isn’t safe. Early life experiences taught you that betrayal and trauma are very real-- and are likely to happen. This is why you find secretly find security in having control of your environment and partner. This is also the motivation behind your interest in accumulating wealth, as money is an external representation of safety and power.

There’s a somber-like air that seems to follow you around. It’s critical that you use your strengths to understand what’s happened to you so you can treat the wound. It’s not your job to solve a problem that’s buried in the past, but it is your job to see how those wounds affect how you operate today. I mean, God knows if there’s anyone who’s got the gift of analysis and an understanding of the human psyche, it’s you!

Love With A Scorpio Moon

Your emotions are hot and heavy! You need a strong partner who is willing to go to those dark places with you. People who are tender and sensitive won’t last long because hearing the truth will likely hurt their feelings. You need to be able to have raw, edgy conversations. Skating on the surface and simply talking about life’s pleasures doesn’t interest you. You like taboo things. If your partner holds you back from addressing these topics you won't feel fulfilled.

You need the freedom to dive deep and you want the same from your partner: utter and complete honesty. As the saying goes, “You’d rather be hurt by the truth than lied to.” You don’t want a gentle, dainty relationship-- you want fire! You need intensity, passion, and anger. You want to feel the burn of human existence.

When I think of Scorpio Moon and love I think of a parent attempting to take a splinter out of their child’s finger. The tweezers look scary and the splinter hurts to the touch, but it's gotta come out. You, Scorpio moon, will not stop until the root issue is eliminated. Not to mention, you’ve got a surgeons hand! You're the perfect candidate for helping others heal from those infected, painful wounds that scare the rest of us away.

In terms of commitment there is no grey area with you-- love is black and white. Your emotional intensity will be the glue that keeps you stuck on someone. When you dive in, you do so fully with mind, body, and soul. This is why you’re said to be obsessive. You can become so overcome by your desire for someone that you lose sight of yourself. So much so that when your partner is away or the relationship ends, you lose control. This pattern is inevitable, though, because jumping in wholeheartedly is the only way that works for you.

These intense desires can lead you to violate your partner’s boundaries. A secretive or shy partner makes you suspicious and paranoid. You need to know whatever it is s/he is holding back, even if your partner isn't ready to talk about it. Check yourself. Whilst it’s true that you have a talent for knowing when there’s something beneath the surface, you tend to think of the worst case scenarios. The behaviors to follow can make you come off as crazy, only pushing your partner further away. That said, someone who can teach you how to hope for the best and consider the brighter side of life would do you well. It’s absolutely critical that you trust the person you're involved with. If you don’t your fears will surely hop in the drivers seat and drive you both to straight to insanity.

When A Scorpio Moon Loses It

Scorpio is represented by three symbols, but when you lose it one stands out: the phoenix. The phoenix is special because it has an innate sense of when it’s time to start over again. When it feels the calling to start anew, this unique creature sets itself on fire and burns alive only to rise again from the ashes. This bird is motivated by a desire and the hope of a fresh start.

When you are approaching (or past) the point of needing to catch fire you’ll start to feel haunted and weighted by everything you’re holding on to. Simple daily tasks like getting out of bed and going to work feel like you’re being asked to run a marathon. Your moods get the best of you and your obsessive thought pattern makes it easy for you to fixate on the negatives. Your moodiness doesn’t help either. You may think that you’re just viewing life realistically, but life is only so hopeless because you choose to harp on your sorrows. Let everything that doesn’t serve you burn away. It may be painful, but it will also be exhilarating and freeing. You’re built for this. Strive to see the light again and trust it. Decide to say: I’m going to reinvent who I am. Dust yourself off, stand up, and shake your life up! Put yourself in environments where you’ll have to see the light. Laugh. Play. Start again.

Living With A Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moons are private people, and come off as secretive because of this. Sharing your house with roommates can be tricky because you don’t trust easily. Privacy is comforting to you, so it’s important that wherever you’re living - especially in your younger years/early adulthood - that you have a room with a lock on it. You need a space that you can retreat to and lock the world out.

When it comes to decor you like dramatic pieces that express depth and passion.

Your Moon Sign And Mama

As I mentioned earlier, Moon in Scorpio tells me that you probably had a particularly challenging family dynamic. Some degree of suffering, abuse (mental, emotional, or physical), abandonment, or maybe even the loss of a parent. This isn't always literal, but essentially hints to an emotionally or mentally absent parent. In turn, you bore the burden of filling that parental void.

Experience taught you at an early age to not trust others because people lie, betray, and attempt to manipulate you. Life seen to it that you were put through some of the heaviest emotionally charged situations. Your relationships - especially with women - were likely challenging and ultimately transformative. Pasts like these would leave a scar on anyone, and your scars are likely that of bitterness and suspicion. This attitude results in self-imposed alienation, akin to solitary confinement.

On the deepest level your intense childhood experiences explain why you find joy in getting revenge on your family. You are getting even for all the shameful things they’ve done to you. Consider scorpions on Earth. When a particular kind of scorpion stings, they simultaneously lose their tails. The same is true of you. When you sting others, you hurt yourself in the process. There’s a self-destructive quality to the actions you take when getting revenge. In your mind you’ll do whatever it takes to burn those who’ve hurt you-- even if that means you have to crawl with them through the flames of hell.

Now, being born with the moon in Scorpio doesn’t mean you’re destined for abuse or emotional trauma. It can simply mean that your mom was struggling emotionally and handling losses of her own. In turn she wasn’t happy about having to be a mother. She may have felt guilty about having these feelings and overindulged her children in attempt to make up for it. But unconsciously the message that she didn’t want children was relayed to you. You instinctively knew something was amiss, and ended up resenting her ingenuity.

A loving note for Scorpio moon: As much as the world has tried to break you, do not let your heart harden. No one is perfect and everyone will eventually let you down, but learn to recognize who is worth the pain.

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