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Natal Moon in Taurus

The Moon represents your emotional body. It’s what an astrologer looks to when they want to understand what you need to feel happy, safe, and nurtured. The Moon is also the part of you that determines whether someone or a situation is trustworthy. In a breath, your moon sign will explain what your non-negotiables in life are.

*Note: Your Moon sign is rarely the same as your Sun sign. To find out what your Moon sign is simply run your birth chart online using your birth date, time and location*

The Moon is exalted in Taurus! Yay you! This means that through Taurus, the moon can get its needs met with ease and support. Taurus is the sign responsible for nurturing, fertility and fecundity; and because you have the inborn ability to make something of very little, you hardly ever find yourself going without


If you’re a Taurus Moon you work at your own pace and feel most nurtured when you’re in control of the environment. This means being able to predict what’s to come as well as being able to respond in a way that feels right to you in your own time. People may pin you as being controlling because of this, but you’re not one to enjoys micromanaging situations. It's simply too much work. Rather, you take control over situations because you want to see what’s coming. You don’t like being caught off guard or pushed around because it makes you feel uneasy. You find security in making practical, thoughtful responses to life.

You can only stand and act on solid ground, and as you know, stability takes time to build. This is why you can be so stubborn about abrupt changes that uproot you from what you’ve been working on. You don’t like walking away before the job is complete. You’re fixed on your goals and programmed to see things through. You’re the type of person who marries their daily routines: getting coffee from your favorite cafe, going to workout at your local yoga spot, drinking your favorite wine at the end of the day. Your routine is a mixture of activities that satiate your need for peace, calm, sensuous deliciousness, and efficiency.

No matter how much you dislike chaos, your strong and stable core makes you an ideal person to have around in times of crisis.

Love With A Taurus Moon

Like wine, the relationships you commit to only get better with time. Longevity is important to you. You’re not wired for short term engagements because you find them to be a waste of time. You’re loyal and steady, and commitments come naturally to you. These all piggyback on your desire for stability. Though you're wired for commitment, you’re also slow to sign the contract. You want to see how things and people unfold naturally. Once they show themselves (and you choose to love them) it’s incredibly difficult to let them go. In fact, you tend to let people overstay their welcome in your life because it pains you to see an investment fail, even if it’s not yielding the results you deserve. At the heart of it you prize the people you choose to love and are dedicated to creating a steady and warm atmosphere.

That said, too much stability makes for no movement. You benefit from having a partner who can show you that change isn’t as dreadful as you think and leads to pleasantly unexpected surprises.

Living with a Taurus Moon

This moon sign is all about naturalness and comfortability. Comfortability is king! You probably aren’t one to purchase expensive yet untouchable or irreplaceable pieces. You’ll fork up the money to buy nice things, but they’ll have to be durable and liveable. I imagine oversized couches, comfy pillows, soft blankets, easy lighting, and scented candles.

When a Taurus Moon Loses It

When life put the pressure on and demands an immediate response from you, you’ll just outright say no. It’s your knee-jerk reaction. It serves you well in the short-term because you’re actually creating space to think. However, letting “no” be your permanent response will close off opportunities for growth.

Taureans are also known to be a bit possessive. “Mine” is secretly a favorite word of yours. You’re a bit particular about your space, people, and belongings. Knowing where things are, what’s happening, and who you partner is hanging out with is all important. You may, in turn, attempt to manage the situation. You do this because they’re all external representations of safety. Thus, an important point: work towards feeling stable within yourself to loosen your attachments to the material world.

Your Moon Sign and Your Mama

So, astrological record has named this to be the best placement for the moon. It’s nurturing, grounded, and stable; therefore, so was your mama. She was sensible and practical, and saw to it that your physical needs were always met. You knew you could count on her. She also was good with her buck: she could both penny pinch and throw down the dollars when feeling generous. She laid a solid foundation for you to stand on because of this. Like a bull, however, she was largely protective over you. When your safety and security were threatened, the horns were ready to charge.

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