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Pisces: I Am The Magic I Seek


(February 19 - March 20)


Personality Profile

Element: Water

Mode: Mutable

Archetypes: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Poet, The Face Dancer

Lesson: Mystical Openness


It has been said that life is nothing but a dream. No other zodiac sign believes this quite like Pisces does. Pisces can disengage from the "real" world at a moments notice. Why? Because they don’t want to be here in the first place! The real world is too harsh, too serious and lacks magic. They'd much prefer a dream. Whereas other signs may think dreams are meaningless, Pisces knows better. They intuitively understand that it is our consciousness that creates our outward reality. Consciousness is the experience, consciousness creates the “real” world.

Pisces is notorious for appearing aloof and lost in daydreams. This is far too surface level, and undermines their most ritualistic practice: meditation. Society has wrongly trained us to believe that in order to mediate we must be in a specific physical position, with soothing music, and chiming bells in the background. It is actually a state of being. A certain kind of mental calm that allows unseen within to be seen, and respected. A Piscean can be at restaurant eating dinner alone and feel themselves entering that meditative state. Looking at the big picture perspective, it is the Pisces task to observe the mind observing the world; to dissolve “reality”, and give life to the unconscious, intuition and dreams.


“I just have feeling that so and so is going to call”, said every Pisces who ever lived. Low and behold, twenty-minutes later they are on the phone. Whilst it is far too reaching to say that Pisces can continuously predict the future with 100% accuracy, it’s much more reasonable to address the fact that it happens too often to be considered a coincidence. There is a psychic gift there.

Their mind, and fascination with it since childhood is another strength of Pisces. Taking a liking to any subject that discusses higher-level consciousness is straight up their alley! Through quenching their ongoing thirst for information in this area, they are indirectly and unknowingly walking themselves along the path of self-transcendence.

Shadow Side

Illusory experiences and deception walk hand-in-hand. Sometimes in their quest for transcendence they will get lost in their dream world and forget to bring back to Earth what they’ve uncovered. The physical world can be so overwhelming for them that they daydream to self-medicate. This can also be done through addictions (alcohol and drugs) because they controlled substances that can alter reality, and create the illusion of escapism. All they are actually doing is numbing themselves out.

The advice: Time alone, to unwind and meditate is essential for you mental and spiritual health. You are an emotional sponge, in a sense that you absorb all the stuff that no one can see (emotions and energy). You’ve got to learn how to ring yourself out or you’ll fall apart.

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