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Tarot: The Fool’s Journey to Enlightenment

The Fool’s journey begins with the very first card in the Major Arcana: The Fool. The Fool is Numbered 0, the Fool starts out hopeful, innocent, and naive. Throughout the journey, The Fool comes across many archetypal characters who teach important lessons. The ultimate goal is, of course, enlightenment. As you’ll surely see, this intense and adventurous journey also has quite a lot to teach you!

The Magician

The first character The Fool encounters on their path to enlightenment is a powerful and flashy conjurer: The Magician. As the name of the card implies, the Magician presents itself to teach The Fool about the importance of concentration… as it is through concentration that our innate talents manifest.

The High Priestess

After meeting the Magician, The Fool encounters another immensely powerful figure: The High Priestess. She is both wise and regal. The High Priestess encourages The Fool to listen to their inner instincts and intuition by digging deeply within oneself. “Your intuition is more powerful than anyone else’s advice,” The High Priestess says, “Explore it.”

The Empress

Moving onward, The Fool catches a glimpse of a beautiful, lovely character lounging in a lusciously green garden. The Empress teaches The Fool the importance of connecting with their inner nurturing spirit. Loving, generous, kind, and tender-hearted, The Empress shows The Fool how easy and necessary it is to appreciate the beauty of the natural world. As The Fool departs, The Empress says through a smile, “Every living thing deserves compassion. And that includes you. Take care of yourself with love.”

The Emperor

Whilst still in awe over the beauty that surrounds them, The Fool comes into contact with the ruler of the land: The Emperor. The authoritarian figure takes the time to teach The Fool critical lessons about self-discipline, leadership, and organization.

The Hierophant

Just before leaving the Emperor’s presence, The wide-eyed Fool runs into The Hierophant, who helps them appreciate the value of traditions, organized structures, and established institutions.

The Lovers

By this point in the journey The Fool has learned some comprehensive and key lessons. While pondering them, a potential life partner comes across their path via The Lovers card. The Lover teaches The Fool about partnerships and unions. Soon enough, The Fool is presented with a decision: To partner up or continue on their way. The Fool, grateful for the experience, chooses to continue on alone along the path.

The Chariot

Up next comes a time in which willpower is called for. To be triumphant, like The Chariot, The Fool must learn how to put their nose to grindstone. In order to reach the enlightenment they seek, The Fool must never give up. The Chariot reminds everyone that we may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.


The fool journeys on, and witnesses a figure calmly taming a lion. The figure shows The Fool the importance of steady perseverance and the power of a gentle touch when guiding others.

The Hermit

The next figure to illuminate The Fool’s journey is The Hermit, holding a single lantern. The Hermit, as the name implies, teaches The Fool how necessary it is to practice introspection and periodic solitude. The Fool has experienced a lot thus far, and now it must be reflected on. “Make time for yourself,” The Hermit suggests softly

  • Self-Care Tip: This a sign to set healthy boundaries.

The Wheel of Fortune

After taking some much needed time in introspection, The Fool ventures onward and soon finds themselves in front of The Wheel of Fortune. Now, they realize life is cyclical in nature. The card represents often unforeseen positive changes, as well as luck.


As The Fool continues on, they contemplate the concept of Justice. “What is right and what is wrong?” They ask themselves. When this card shows up, it stresses the importance of fairness, morality, and balance.

The Hanged One