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Natal Moon in Leo

Leo Moon

The Moon represents your emotional body. It’s what an astrologer looks to when they want to understand what you need to feel happy, safe, and nurtured. The Moon is also the part of you that determines whether someone or a situation is trustworthy. In a breath, your moon sign will explain what your non-negotiables in life are.

*Note: Your Moon sign is rarely the same as your Sun sign. To find out what your Moon sign is simply run your birth chart online using your birth date, time and location*


The sign Leo in astrology is symbolized by the Lion. Now, contrary to popular belief, lions are not cruel and oppressive rulers. Like King and Queens, they have an innate sense of dignity. In real life this energy won’t stand for making others feel ashamed, taken advantage of, or small. You don’t like feeling insignificant and will work to ensure others don’t feel it, too.

Your heart is generous, and you emit an immense amount of warmth and shine. A lot of people think that you want center stage - and you do - but it’s because when you shine, everyone revels in the light.

Your purpose for being on stage goes far beyond simply craving attention. Yes, you’re a entertaining but you also demonstrate how to celebrate one’s personality and life. Your heart is learning to trust and reveal who you are to life without fearing judgement or rejection. There’s often a lot of drama in Leo moons world . . . because you’re engaging with life! You’re absorbed with what’s happening that the present moment seems to sweep you off your feet.

When you’re in an uncomfortable situation, you’ll dim your light until you feel safe. But remember, just because you dim it doesn’t mean it’ll ever go out! You’re destined to shine, honey! In fact, once given the audience you’re sure to put on an entertaining show. It’s not just that you like being appreciated - though you do need it - it’s just that what we put out reflects back onto us. So when you shine light on others, you’re also shining light back onto you. You’re inspiring! In the sea of people applauding your performance, your own heart is clapping the loudest.

Love With A Leo Moon

You want and need someone who is playful and demonstrative because that’s what you are. You like exchanging personalized, thoughtful gifts. You’re also a physically attentive partner, and are comfortable with displays of affection.

Positive affirmations are right down your alley. In action this looks like you being a cheerleader: roaring up the crowds, being supportive, and encouraging. You know that a little love and recognition go a long way. Your love teaches people how to trust themselves.

You also need a partner who is attentive and responsive to your needs. You’re so present for them, so s/he needs to be there for you, too. You want to be appreciated for all that you do. I mean, think about it: Kings and Queens move with a court, and lions roam in packs. Total independence isn’t a part of your assignment this round. Your heart needs other people.

Someone who is too serious or preoccupied with themselves will make you feel starved emotionally and bored to death. Unless your chart says otherwise, you’re also not one for one-on-one interactions, either. The bigger, the better.

The air of dignity and loyalty follows you around everywhere. Being teased or belittled rouses the lion inside. You just won’t tolerate it. The person acting in such a way not only hurts you (which you’ll never admit), but also immediately loses your trust. You need something grand and worthy of you.

Sometimes all that pride and dignity make it hard for you to admit when you need something. It also paralyses you from saying something that you know makes you stand out in an uncomfortable way. Therefore, you could benefit by being with a partner who gently helps you learn humility. Someone who teaches you that sometimes, you can be wrong. Someone who shows you that you have to be willing to stand on your own when you’re fighting for what feels right in your heart-- especially when that means being walking away from the crowd.

When a Leo Moon Loses It

Leo’s are known for being arrogant. Whilst you can be, arrogance is more of a symptom that something is amiss rather than it is a general characteristic of your personality. You employ arrogance when you feels insecure. We all have defense mechanisms to protect our vulnerable side. When you are offended or feel threatened, you don’t dare let your vulnerability show. Instead, you put off the image that you’re invulnerable. You get this way because you know that you have something worthwhile to say or contribute and the other person simply isn’t getting it. You lose your temper, stop listening, and start calling shots.

But this is clearly counterproductive. By employing arrogance as a defense mechanism, you push off the people who you are actually trying to get appraisal from. It becomes a cycle of hurting one another until someone backs down.

Your desire for positive reinforcement and appreciation can indirectly pressure you into feeling like you need to be someone special. As if you need to be the King or Queen everyone expects every minute of every day. You’ll take on roles in life that you think makes others notice you. But, this always backfires because inside you feel like your own feelings and needs aren’t being seen; therefore, you aren’t being seen. Remember in these times to let your authentic self show. In doing so, you’re sure to attract the right crowd.

Lastly, I must add that the theatrics of your life can be all-consuming. In fact so consuming that you forget that what’s happening in someone else’s life is none of your business, respectfully said. Refrain from trying to be the Queen of another Queen’s life. Respect another’s choices and personal space.

Living With A Leo Moon

A King (our Queen) needs her castle. Let history tell it, and the royals throw the biggest and best parties! Now, this could look a number of different ways depending on the rest of your birth chart. It could be as simple as you hosting movie night with a select group of people or it could mean you organizing a block-wide Super Bowl bash. Either scenario is perfect for you because it gives you the opportunity to put on a show in your own home. You are the star of the party, and the star of your own life. In turn, you encourage others to celebrate themselves too. All the while there are going to be undertones of opulence and luxury in your home.

Your Moon Sign and Your Mama

Let us make way for the real Queen: your Mother. She is an excellent hostess with a following of dedicated admirers. She was always ready to put on a show. Examining the higher and lower functioning sides of Leo can help illustrate the specifics of her personality. A lower functioning Leo Moon mother was narcissistic and unable to care for their children. She would rather offer her attention to those who appreciated her. Unless, of course, you had a special talent that would bolster her ego. Then, she micromanaged your every move. The higher functioning Leo Moon mom carried herself with dignity, loyalty, and pride in her role as both a woman and mother.

Nonetheless, this moon placement tells me that your mom had quite a grand presence in your eyes. In turn, she taught you how to carry yourself with strength and pride. It is because of her that when you’re in times of struggle that you put on that audacious mask that tells the world you can handle anything! If there’s anything she taught you, it’s this: The show must go on!

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