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Scorpio: Truth Is a Controlled Substance

I Can Either Destroy You, Destroy Myself, or Heal the World.

I'll Probably Do All Three.


(October 23- November 22)


Personality Profile

Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

Archetypes: The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist

Lesson: Soul-Retrieval


Imagine being alone and face-to-face with a lion. It inches closer and closer. The thought of death ripens by the minute. Your past is history. Projections for the future are fading. Immediately, the importance of the present moment becomes unmistakably clear. Nothing else matters. Comfort, designer clothes, esteemed titles, and even politeness flies out the door. Only the truth of moment remains. To a great surprise, the lion roams away, and a life is spared. This kind of thinking, this perspective on life, is the essence of Scorpio.

Libra (the previous sign) was tangled up in intellect and weighted with the possibilities of the diverging roads. Scorpio is over that. Why? Because he knows that logic only exists to serve one purpose: to rid our minds of considering the ridiculous alternatives. How we feel determines what matters most, and because of this Scorpio operates from his emotions. He feels his way through life, working to ensure that his external existence matches his internal reality. Scorpio chases self-knowledge. Against popular belief, Scorpio is not fixed on emotions themselves. Instead, he investigates what those emotions reveal about himself and reality. Scorpio’s approach: let it be. We’re all going to die at the end, and Scorpio wants to know that he lived his life true to himself.


Scorpio is incapable of suppressing or repressing emotions. He feels in the extreme. He thinks disturbing thoughts. He knows (whether unconsciously or consciously) that through this brutally honest perspective that he will see himself honestly. Almost violently introspective, Scorpio explores the underworld of the human psyche that many other signs run away from in fear. This courage and honestly is his greatest strength.

Shadow Side

Because of Scorpio’s bravery, he can dig too deeply into emotions that are so tiny that they cannot and do not need to be detangled. It becomes a dark fog that clouds his perspective, exhausts his mental stamina, and drowns him in a never-ending hole. The intellect struggles to take control but it can’t because the mind does not understand the hunger of emotions. Obsessively and compulsively, Scorpio can begin looking externally for that control through money and other representations of power.

The advice: Recognize when you are circling the drain. Know when to stop, and stop while you’re ahead. See what you need to see, feel what you need to feel and burn the remains. Allow your inner fire to exterminate all that no longer serves your growth and understanding.

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